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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  long wet hair naked masturbation
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    Fri 05th Jul 2013Video Masturbation: Melody S | Intimate Moments

    With water cascading over her slender body, Melody leans against the wall of the shower and inserts her fingers deep inside herself, massaging her g spot.

    Melody's tight buttocks are barley contained by the material of her underwear, as she enters the bathroom. Stripping for her shower, she removed her knickers from her perfect ass and slides from her top to study herself in the mirror. Melody steps into the water, her long hair soaking up the moisture to form one long silky strand down her back. Soaping up her hands she washes her body, hands pressing soap into her small breasts, her leg resting on the sink so she can clean between her legs.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  crazy positions
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    Tue 16th Apr 2013Video Masturbation: Amber L & Melody S | Intimate Moments

    'I'm wet already look!' Amber's fingers slip over her moist clitoris, rubbing circles of pleasure into her vagina, mirroring Melody's actions, as they masturbate together.

    Giggling, Melody and Amber bounce on the bed, Amber's pert breasts visible down her blouse as she rocks forwards. The ladies demonstrate how flexible they are, bending their legs behind their heads! Warm, they strip to their underwear, Amber's round bottom delightfully visible in the mirror behind her, as she shows Melody the bow at the front. Melody lifts the top of her underwear to show Amber her shaved pussy, peeking into look at Amber's full bush when she does the same. It is not long before their underwear is off and their hands are busy . . .

    . . . 'Do you want to try for another one?'

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  short shorts
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    Tue 26th Mar 2013Video Masturbation: Alex K & Melody S | Intimate Moments

    "I'm getting really wet!" Slender bodies poured into tiny white shorts sit side by side, eyes flickering over their partners naked form, as the ladies masturbate.

    Alex pushes her hand into the waste band of her shorts, touching herself inside her knickers. As she wiggles on the sofa Melody enters, her perfect ass cheeks hugged by her shorts. A knowing look passes between then and Melody sits on the arm of Alex's chair. Melody slowly peels off her top, her slender stomach stretching to look even longer as she moves. It is not long before both ladies are naked, hands brushing over their matching small breasts, their long hair falling down their backs.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  muscular
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    Wed 16th Jan 2013Nude girl Melody S (Video) | Solo

    Melody makes her stunning debut. This part Dutch and Indonesian beauty writhes around on her bed, slowly revealing her smooth tanned skin, long legs and fit body. She also has a very beautiful face that can be adored throughout this first time video.

    Melody is very well spoken and chats very openly with Masie revealing some of her sexual secrets and her thoughts on life. Melody says that the best way to make her come is through oral sex and stimulation of the clitoris, she also likes to give more than to receive. She really is the complete package!

  • Image of Nude Girls  muscular
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    Mon 14th Jan 2013Nude girl Melody S (Stills) | Solo

    Stunning brunette Melody cuts a slender and seductive silhouette as she wakes up and moves in front of the bright window, undressing her beautiful tanned, natural body.

    Peeling back the covers from her smooth shaved pussy and small breasts, she stands tall on top of her long legs. Sliding her hands over her svelte body she lets her fingers touch the soft lips of her pussy...

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