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  • Video capture of Girl Girl  playful lesbian sex
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    Thu 26th May 2011Hayden & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Masie and Hayden are two amazingly hot chicks. These two blond cuties with gorgeous bodies and great sense of humor will make you very horny.

    This video is very special for me because it my very first shoot. I was so excited to be able to shoot video of two sexy girls in such an erotic situation. I was so close to their intense orgasms, I could hear every whisper and feel every breath. The room was simply full of sexual tension. I still can remember when Masie sucks the small nipples of Hayden's breast and brings her an awesome orgasm. You just have to see for yourself, definitely one of the best orgasms what I have ever seen

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    Wed 25th May 2011Hayden & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Playful and sexually unstoppable Masie goes over and under the clothes which hide Haydens slim, toned and beautifully natural body before pulling them off to reveal Hayden to all; Hayden then tickles, spanks and moves around Masies small pert body, stimulating her with every touch.

    Starting off painting Haydens nails things soon take a turn for the boisterous as the two dive on top of each other, entangleing their legs and stretching into a montage of beautiful, sensual and very sexual positions before reaching an intense climax at the end of the bed.

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    Thu 07th Apr 2011Masie | Intimate Moments

    'Splish splash, Masie was taking a bath Long about a Saturday night A rub dub, just relaxing in the tub Thinking everything was alright!'

    You guys know Bobby Darin and his hit Splish Splash? Well if those lyrics don't ring a bell let Masie ring your bell with a rhythmic sensation of her own...

    Watch her relax in a hot bath at first, then see this British beauty play with herself, experimenting with different techniques and really enjoying every minute of her sensual bath time.

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    Thu 24th Mar 2011Gretchen & Masie | Girl-Girl

    A beautiful opening sequence with Gretchen practicing her piano then serenading naughty and playful Masie, which of course leads to multiple orgasms by licking, sucking, tribbing and even a bit of spanking!

    Masie starts proceedings by blindfolding Gretchen so her other senses can be heightened, as this is Gretchen's first girl girl experience, she takes it slow and lets Gretchen enjoy the ride. My personal favorite lines from the video are Gretchen ,"can you slap me?", and Masie replies with "Do you want to be made into a fuck slave?".

    If you want to speak to Masie and Gretchen and ask them what their favourite part was, you can chat to them here:

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    Wed 23rd Mar 2011Gretchen & Masie | Girl-Girl

    The gorgeously slim and playful German beauty Gretchen comes back with Masie in this awesome girl on girl shoot, and as she admits, it is the first time ever she has had sex with another girl! So we're privileged to see this natural and sensual moment as her and Masie experiment and play with each other.

    Starting with Gretchen playing the piano (which in the video sounds amazing!) for Masie. They start to flirt and get closer and the tension builds and as Masie reaches for Gretchen's pert breasts, playing with her nipples through her top, and as Gretchen reacts by starting to undress Masie the scene ascends to fervid sexual heights.

    Naked and entwined on the table their long legs and full bush of pubes rub against one another as they bring themselves to a long awaited and passionate climax.

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    Thu 10th Mar 2011Laura P & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Cheeky Asian Twalya is up to no good...

    She sets up a hidden camera in the bedroom to catch some girl girl hardcore loving between the beautiful British sex bomb Masie and the lovely Aussie, Laura!

    It doesn't take long before blonde Masie seduces Laura with a sensual foot massage, which also includes some toe sucking and using her supple breasts to massage Laura's tanned back.

    The two play and experiment on each other, exploring their bodies and fingering, sucking, tribbing and more. These two young girls are beautiful and a pleasure to watch, and Twalya seems very pleased to have caught all the action.

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbian butthole pleasures
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    Wed 09th Mar 2011Laura P & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Lifting Masie out of her winter blues, Laura offers her some bed-side compassion with a warm bowl of soup and a flirty little hug. Feeling the erotic tension building both girls take a cheeky peek at each other, from here on the passion escalates and soon Masie has climbed on top and the two are frantically removing each other clothes.

    Revealing Masie's supple breasts and Laura's gorgeously slim figure the two run their hands and tongues over each others skin in an erotic blur of blonde hair and entangled legs. After a montage of exotic positions and an intense orgasm the two relax on the bed together...

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    Thu 03rd Mar 2011Masie & Twyla | Girl-Girl

    Cute and blonde Masie is swept away by the alternative Asian beauty Twyla, for a very hot, fervidly passionate and intensely intimate girl on girl sex session you would not believe!

    With Twyla's hands working to release Masie's smooth skin and supple breasts from the restrictions of her clothing the two are soon entwined in a barely dressed embrace on the sofa. These two genuinely share a huge sexual passion for each other and as they fall deeper into one another their experimentation truly begins.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  petite lesbian sex
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    Wed 02nd Mar 2011Masie & Twyla | Girl-Girl

    Girly girl Masie is taken by the Asian tomboy Twyla, into a kinky world of immense sexual gratification, squirting and emotional release. Her smooth skin and supple breasts are touched and tweaked, also introduced is an umbrella, cleaning implements and the vivacious passion of their partner- this girl girl stops at nothing to reveal raw, passionate and emotional sex.

    "That's the most sexual thing that's ever happened to me. That was so lovely. Do girls always cry when they have had sex? Oh my god that is the most amazing thing I have ever done...We have had an experience here today at" Masie.

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    Thu 17th Feb 2011Masie | Solo

    There's never a dull moment in the life of the energetic Masie. Just when she thought the afternoon was clear, her mum rings and reminds her she's coming for lunch.

    In a panic Masie cleans the kitchen and changes her clothes but some how gets side tracked when she's naked.

    First she starts to masturbate with her fingers, then with a wet sponge and finally with a dish brush! Masie goes to town on her super wet, hairy pussy with this brush using both ends to do the job. Finally finishing she panics, finishes cleaning and then masturbates /again/! We *love* Masie and you will too!

  • Image of Nude Girls  menstruation blood
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    Wed 16th Feb 2011Masie | Solo

    Masie always brightens a day up with her bubbly and playful personality, and this shoot must have been one of her very good days! More boisterous than usual Masie giggles and flirts with the lens, bouncing from pose to pose whilst attempting to get ready for the impending visit from her mum.

    Her hands slowly undress and caress her smooth, slim body. Her full bush of pubes and perky breasts slowly revealed as the shoot progresses. This shoot as everything that Masie does is full of surprises, from her captivating use of kitchen utensils to the more unplanned events!!

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    Mon 14th Feb 2011Leandra & Masie | Intimate Moments

    Leandra and Masie are cuties that both have long blonde hair and enjoy relaxing on the couch, before long the two are comparing nipples and body parts.

    Maise is amazed by Leandra's "perfect" shaved pussy. The two then then tell each other how they like to masturbate! Masie likes to squeeze and pull on her nipples and Leandra likes to spank her clitoris.

    Masie hairy pussy and Leandra's shaved, contrast so well and we get a great view of all the action in this sexy and rousing double intimate moment.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  tribbing and kissing
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    Thu 20th Jan 2011Marina M & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Marina and Masie are an energic pairing that are like two firecrackers going off right at the same time. This girl girl session begins with some flirting as Masie sneaks some peaks of Marina in the shower. Marina then grabs Masie and pulls her in, clothes on and all!

    Then the electric chemistry between these naughty and raunchy girls is realised to its fullest potential with a non stop, action packed session full of many positions, oral sex, fingering, dirty talking and all the raunchiest things these two horny babes can conjure up!

  • Image of Girl Girl  tribbing and kissing
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    Wed 19th Jan 2011Marina M & Masie | Girl-Girl

    Masie sits masturbating on the floor as she sneaks a peek at Marina in the shower through the bathroom doorway. Marina spots her though, and instead of shouting and slamming the door, what follows is a much better outcome; for them and us!

    Pulling Masie to her feet and into the shower, Marina soaks her with the shower head and starts to strip her of her top. With a blur of hands and tongues sliding over wet sparkling skin the scene hots up to a point where the two girls cant resist but dry off and take things further and into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom the girls can't contain themselves, already naked they contort themselves into a multitude of positions and selflessly indulge each other in passionate bursts of intense oral sex.

    Watching these two slim, blonde beauties grind against and pleasure each other is something very real and special indeed. After the shoot Masie writes;

    "Today has been the best sexual experience i have EVER had with a woman, i have never felt so shy and turned on at the same time."

    I think that says it all. Enjoy.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sun 19th Dec 2010Masie | Intimate Moments

    Masie sits on her couch next to her window and gently rubs and teases herself, breathing heavily and rocking her pelvis forward and backward. We are well aware of Masie's sex drive from her incredibly kinky and provicative debut solo video. And of course even more recently, there was her adventurous double intimate moments video with Satine where she invited her upstairs after spotting her on the street.

    In this solo masturbation video we are made even more acutely aware of Masie's sex drive, that knows no boundaries. She adopts a delicate and soft technique more utilizing accuracy than speed to again get herself worked up into a blissful state of orgasmic proportions.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Mon 13th Dec 2010Masie & Satine | Intimate Moments

    Satine is waiting for a friend. Masie is just watching the street from her apartment above, spots Satine and invites her in. Masie convinces Satine to come upstairs so as not to get wet or cold outside. But Masie has other intentions.

    She nervously prepares for Satine's arrival. It doesn't take Masie long to make her intentions clear and the two kiss. It is a very erotic and passionate kiss, one of those long kisses that your eyes open from and you realise where you are again.

    The chemistry between these girls is bubbling away and before too long erupts as these two British sex kittens show each other their meaning of pleasure!

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    Sat 20th Nov 2010Masie | Solo

    Masie is the kinky British bomshell who makes her first time appearance on with this explosive and action packed debut. She is very confident and kinky. She tells us about all her fantasies which include almost everything imaginable...the Devil, God, Nuns, Priests, being tied up, chocolate and spanking...just to name a few.

    Masie is very in touch with her sexuality and gets herself worked up in the process of relaying her secret fantasies and seamlessly finds herself deep inside a leg stiffening, body twisting orgasm. I love her sexy British accent, which is sexily accompanied with the faintest lisp. And the special impromptu trip she takes in the middle of this video...enough said. You guys have some watching to do!

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Fri 19th Nov 2010Masie | Solo

    Playful, blonde Masie wakes up late after a quick snooze on the sofa, all tired eyed, she's in need of a quick 'pick me up', and there's nothing better to get you ready for the day than some sexy personal entertainment. After an innocent little play she redress in her short tartan skirt and heads out for a coffee with change dug out from behind the sofa.

    Coming back to the apartment sensually licking the split drink from the sides of the coffee cup she decides that her earlier antics didn't quite fulfill her needs. Quickly stripping off she wastes no time into pleasuring herself once more. Again running her hands between her amazingly pert breasts and trimmed, wet pussy. Inserting deep inside she finds the climax that shes been looking for, and as the light fades she finds herself feeling a little naughty but fully satisfied.

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