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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  multiple orgasm
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    Fri 21st Jun 2013Video Masturbation: Inga | Intimate Moments

    Inga's fingers slip from her moist labia to stroke her pubic hair. Warm from her orgasm she basks in the light from the window, her naked body still radiating pleasure.

    Snuggled on the sofa, Inga's hands start to explore her body beneath the sheets. Alone she touches her self, finally kicking off the covers as she gets warm. Stretched on the sofa, the soles of her bare feet twitch as she starts to build in intensity.

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    Tue 22nd Jan 2013Nude girl Inga (Video) | Solo

    Her eyes drink in the words from behind her glasses as her hand slowly finds her nipple and pulls. Short haired, shy Inga is back and this time we join her as she is getting steamy with a book!

    We talk about the kinds of books that can turn her on and she reveals that she used to write erotic fiction with her girl friends when she was younger. Inga peals off her dress to revel her pale skin, standing up so that we can better admire her body. As talk turns to sex she straddles the chair so that she can run her clitoris along it for pleasure. Sitting down to remove her pants she goes a step further and opens up so that we can see the delightful pink between her legs.

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    Sun 20th Jan 2013Nude girl Inga (Stills) | Solo

    Quirky, sexy Inga with her short black hair, large glasses and slim pale body undresses as she starts to feel horny reading her novel.

    Exposing her large full bush of pubes she runs her hands through and twists the hair into tight little curls. Letting her fingers slide down further she starts to play with her pussy in the bright natural light coming through the window.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  simultaneous orgasm
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    Sat 13th Oct 2012Video masturbation: Alyssa R & Inga | Intimate Moments

    Things begin to hear up between pretty pale-skinned Inga and tanned Candian Alyssa R as they enjoy the warm Amsterdam sun streaming through their window.

    They both agree that their first orgasm of the day is always their quickest and try to take it slowly. As the tension builds, both girls cannot hold off any more and explode simultaneously with powerful orgasms.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  holding hands
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    Sat 22nd Sep 2012DIM: Inga & Lena D | Intimate Moments

    Finnish Inga is snuggled down on the sofa with Dutch Lena D. Dipping their cookies into hot drinks the ladies look into each others eyes and smile nervously. Inga helps to wipe away the cookie crumbs from Lena's breasts and her friend seizes on the moment to remove her top, under the guise of showing off her new bra.

    Soon Inga finds her self blushing with no bra on, her small breasts naked next to her friend's. Smiling with confidence Lena leads the way. Placing her hand between her own legs she looks into Inga's eyes and smiles before they both drift away into happy pleasure.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  glasses
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    Wed 22nd Aug 2012Inga Solo | Solo

    I am delighted to introduce you to naughty Swedish lady Inga. With her short hair she looks like a cherub and she certainly looks angelic as she slides off the sofa in the sunlight.

    In her first abbywinters video Inga tells us a bit about herself as she slowly reveals her slender body. We find out what her biggest fear is and that she is a rebel in the making when it comes to following the rules. Come and share in her stories, passions and find out what is underneath her strawberry underwear.

  • Image of Nude Girls  glasses
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    Mon 20th Aug 2012Inga | Solo

    Beautiful new model Inga debuts on with this stunning, sultry and seductive shoot. The soft low Amsterdam light streaks across her slim body, illuminating her pale skin and highlighting her gorgeous, feminine curves.

    Timidly making contact with her piercing green eyes she slips her glasses on and moves around towards you. Stripping off all of her clothes and exposing her full bush and breasts, Inga treats you to a very cute, intimate and personal first shoot.

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