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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  watching each other
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    Tue 05th Mar 2013Video Masturbation: Ana B & Emily B | Intimate Moments

    Pulling the fabric of Emily' s top forwards Ana peeps down blouse at her pert breasts. Ana's underwear nestles in the crack of her buttocks, exposing one cheek of her perfect ass as she stands to strip.

    Ana's cheeks glow as nervous fingers brush skin in conversation, eyes lock for a moment and clothing slowly starts to lift. Hungry fingers delve into pubic hair. Naked, hands start to stroke and caress as side by side the ladies begin to intimately explore their own bodies.

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  face sitting
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    Sat 23rd Feb 2013Lesbian Sex: Emily B & Estella Z (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Emily laps into Estella's meaty lips, her tongue flicking over long labia as her face presses into the quivering full bush.

    Silently Estella takes Emily into her arms, fingers paw at each others clothing as eyes share unspoken wants. Taking off her glasses Estella works her way between Emily's legs, wetness visibly matting pubic hair, a long strand of spit linking mouth to pussy. Knickers and tights wrapped around her ankles Estella grinds her hairy pussy down onto Emily's thigh, breasts rubbing together as they kiss.

  • Image of Girl Girl  face sitting
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    Thu 21st Feb 2013Lesbian Sex: Emily B & Estella Z (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Pulling at clothes they fervidly kiss and grab at each others body, feel half covered breasts and soft skin.

    Sliding her head between Estella's legs Emily pushes her mouth between her large, dark full bush. Matting the hair of her bush with the wetness of her tongue she massage her clitoris, looking down through her glasses Estella raises to an intimate and intense orgasm.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  nude bath
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    Wed 23rd Jan 2013Nude girl Emily B (Video) | Solo

    Pubic hairs catch on her fingers as she pulls her lips apart, glimpses of wet pinkness shine from within. 'I like to come quick!'

    Easing into warm water, bubbles fizzing then disappearing over her pert breasts. Soapy hands slide over wet skin as she stands to wash. Shaving her legs so they are smooth if brushed against, her eyes close as her head fills with fantasies. Firm fingers push down on her clitoris, hands spread a gaping open vagina as she sits barely covered by her towel on the bathroom floor.

  • Image of Nude Girls  nude bath
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    Mon 21st Jan 2013Nude girl Emily B (Stills) | Solo

    Warm water flows past Emily's labia as the soap mats her dark pubic hair. Sliding her fingers under the water she reaches down her body.

    Emily's slender body dips under the bath water, only her pert breasts breaking the surface, water beading off her soft nipples. Standing up her hands glide up her inner thigh.

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