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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  helping each other
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    Sat 08th Dec 2012Video masturbation: Daisey & Sofia M | Intimate Moments

    Curvy, Portuguese Daisey is sat next to cheeky, mature, English Sofia M and they have lots to talk about! So much so that we thought we would film what happened before and after their video as well!

    Having talked about a shared passion for linguistics it's not long before all eyes (and hands) are on Daisey's large breasts. 'Do you hold those with one hand or two' Sofia asks just before Daisey drop her right breast onto her hand with a pleasing smack sound.

    As well as breasts the ladies also discover they each have soft fluffy pubic hair and they have a feel of their partners.

    Having helped each other out of their clothing, stoked their hair and estimated the weight of their breasts it is time! With hands still seeking their partners nipples the ladies lay back, share a look and seek out their orgasms as one.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  both standing up
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    Sat 10th Nov 2012Video Masturbation: Daisey & Latisha | Intimate Moments

    Whenever anyone comes to Portuguese Daisey's house she always asks them to design a tile in the kitchen. Armed with colourful pens it is Dutch friend Latisha's turn to get creative.

    It's not long before Daisey decides it would be much more fun to draw on her house guest rather than watch her draw on the walls so she draws a cloud onto Latisha's small breast. The ladies talk about large breasts and small breasts till they find themselves standing naked in the kitchen. Neither lady has ever masturbated while standing before so they take the opportunity to discover what its like and if it is possible without falling over...

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  BBW
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    Sun 23rd Sep 2012SIM 1: Daisey | Intimate Moments

    Curvaceous Daisey discovers that masturbation in a shared house is hard! Kicked out of her bedroom by the antics of Rebekka and Dani L, she sits on the sofa and tries to ignore the naughty happenings next door. Being human its not long before she is reaching into her top to pull out her own large breasts as the the girls start to touch themselves beyond the curtain.

    Sat on her own Daisey is just starting to run her fingers over her trimmed pussy when she is caught by her two friends and dragged back into the bedroom! Will Daisey ever get an orgasm !

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sun 08th Jul 2012Daisey | Intimate Moments

    Being hot on a sunny afternoon creates both it's own problems and opportunities. Voluptuous Daisey lays on the sofa fanning her large breasts with her hat wishing it was cooler.

    Soon she is pealing off her hot clothing to reveal the dark hair between her legs, which she opens so she can fan herself some more. Necessity opens itself up to opportunity as her naughty hands start to work their way between her legs to take advantage of her day time nudity. Laying on her tummy she masturbates to a leg twitching orgasm!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sat 19th May 2012Daisey & Dani L | Intimate Moments

    The large breasted and voluptuous Daisey equip with braces ventures into her first masturbation on camera with another girl. She explains to her dark skinned, beautiful partner Dani that she loves having her back kissed. Curious Dani wants to know exactly how and then she tries to demonstrate.

    These two big breasted girls have a strong connection and desire that builds to a thrilling conclusion in this rousing double masturbation video.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls
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    Wed 04th Jan 2012Daisey | Solo

    Daisey has huge boobs. She is a more voluptuous model with big curves. This Portuguese girl shows off all the tricks she can do with her big boobs that are very exciting and interesting to watch.

    She also discusses exactly what it feels like to have big boobs, very insightful stuff here and she even has a serenade with a guitar to finish.

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Mon 02nd Jan 2012Daisey | Solo

    The volumptuous, large breasted and beautiful Daisey makes her fun filled appearence in this debut shoot. Teasing and flirting with you she moves around the room removing more and more clothes, and showing us more of herself.

    Playing with and grabbing her large breasts she'll keep you glued to the screen. And as she shows herself and her full bush off in the miror you'd really struggle to get distracted!

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