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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  finger licking
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    Sun 13th Jan 2013Video masturbation: Candice | Intimate Moments

    Stunning, cute English Candice returns again with her natural curvy body for her very intimate moments.

    This is an example of this how some innocent reading can turn into very intense and sensual masturbation. Getting turned on by something in the book, she starts with touching and grabbing her large breasts. After a few seconds she gets undressed and slowly shows off her smooth, pale skin, running her hand down to her pussy...

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    Fri 21st Dec 2012Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Candice (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Is there anything better than sex after sex... slender, tanned Alyssa looks in big, blue eyes of curvy, large breasted Candice and once again seduces her with soft touching, and slowly initiates one more round of passionate sex.

    These two girls are full of desire for having sex with each other over and over. They just finished their first sex experience together and after a few moments jump for more! Alyssa sucks on Candice's big, pert boobs and Candice pays her back with clitoris sucking and licking. All this is punctuated with large amounts of tender kissing!

  • Image of Girl Girl  rimming
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    Wed 19th Dec 2012Lesbian sex: Alyssa R & Candice (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    An incredibly sexy shoot between beautiful large breasted redhead Candice and the stunning, tanned and toned Alyssa as they indulge in each others bodies on the bed.

    Sliding over to Candice, Alyssa effortlessly seduces her, and as they start to undress and explore each other further their want and passion increases! Sticking out her incredible, round, pert bum Alyssa holds Candice's perfectly smooth shaved pussy and licks it from top to bottom!

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  sex in socks
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    Fri 23rd Nov 2012Lesbian Sex: Candice & Claudia S (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Stunning red head, large breasted Candice meets in the bedroom with cute Spanish, slender Claudia, to have some very passionate and fervid sex.

    The girls start slowly, with a lot of sensual kissing and touching of each others petite bodies. After a few tender moments of building up passion Candice and Claudia start to undress each other. Claudia loves the big breasts of her partner and she can not stop sucking on them and squeezing them. Candice pays her back with some kinky bum grabbing and spanking... and that is just the beginning!

  • Image of Girl Girl  sex in socks
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    Wed 21st Nov 2012Lesbian Sex: Candice & Claudia S (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    The stunning redheaded and slim Candice lays next to the beautiful, dark haired and sexual Claudia, and the tension is palpable!

    Both feeling each others lust for each other they waste no time in sharing an intimate and passionate kiss on the bed. Undressing each other they reveal their pale skin, Candices, large, pert breasts and cute freckles. Claudia's small breasts seem to transfix Candice as she sucks and licks her nipples before working her way down to her smooth shaved pussy.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sat 18th Aug 2012Candice & Darcie IM | Intimate Moments

    English student Candice is working on her final thesis. Darcie comes in and suggests that she is working too hard and needs to relax.

    Darcie sits behind Candice and lets her fingers seek out the tension in her head, neck and shoulders. Darcie has naughty hands and soon she is massaging some large breasts. The ladies strip off so that they can compare their breasts, Candice's pale skin looking even whiter next to Darcie's tan.

    Nude on the bed and covered in lotion the two ladies decide to try and time their orgasm so they come at the same time. . .

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation
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    Sat 28th Jul 2012Alyssa & Candice IM | Intimate Moments

    Spanish Alyssa squeezes past red head Candice to prepare for her shower in the small bathroom. The girls joke about having a shower together as they remove their clothing showing off their pale skin. Candice's large breasts bounce slightly as she sits on the toilet and taking of her underwear, starts to masturbate. Alyssa stands opposite watching and soon both ladies are seeking their pleasure.

    Candice pulls out a toy and races ahead to have her orgasm. Standing up Candice goes over to Alyssa and sucks on her lovely nipples till she to peaks with pleasure.

  • Video capture of Nude Girls
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    Wed 11th Jul 2012Candice | Solo

    English red head Candice enters the bathroom ready to pamper herself. With teasing eyes she welcomes us to follow her as she first brushes her teeth and then slowly removed her clothing to reveal her large breasts.

    As she steps into the water we become aware of a hidden camera in the bath with her, allowing us to look up her legs to appreciate her nudity in full. Soaping up her pale skin Candice lays back and relaxes.

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Mon 09th Jul 2012Candice | Solo

    The stunningly beautiful red-headed, slender, large breasted and cute Candice makes an amazing entrance on to with this nice and wet bathroom shoot.

    Undressing her petite hour-glass figure she will have you transfixed with her big green innocent eyes. Dropping the towel and dipping into the warm steamy water she grabs the soap and lathers up her large, pert breasts and gorgeous pale skin. Running her hands under the water she feels for her smooth shaved pussy...

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