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  • Image of Girl Girl  licking and fingering standing up
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    Thu 15th Aug 2013Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Rose D (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Clasped in a passionate embrace, Brooklyn stimulates her hairy pussy, rubbing it against the pale thigh of her partner. Rose presses her body into Brooklyn, sucking and biting on her mouth. Snuggled close on a chair, their top-less chests squeeze together. Brooklyn slowly slides her hand into Rose's shorts, gently stimulating her intimate parts. Rose's finger tips tease over Brooklyn's see-through underwear, pulling on the side of her knickers. In a fevered passion, Rose pushes inside Brooklyn's hairy crouch, pounding her with her fingers to intense orgasm.

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    Tue 06th Aug 2013Video Masturbation: Brooklyn & Lulu | Intimate Moments

    'It's beautiful' Brooklyn takes in Lulu's fluffy full bush with glee! Lulu's fingers insert deep inside herself massaging her G spot in search of climax. Good friends Lulu and Brooklyn relax on Lulu's bed. Lulu's fingers trace along the neckline of Brooklyn's dress, staring into her eyes as they talk. Lulu is quick to show off her body, flashing her natural arm pit hair with a grin. The mood changes as Brooklyn slips from her dress, Lulu's eyes feasting on the pale body before her reaching out to kiss her.
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    Sat 20th Jul 2013Lesbian Sex: Brooklyn & Yale (Video) | Girl-Girl

    'Your so wet!' Brooklyn eats into the perfect ass of Yale, while she is bent over in doggy position, her small tongue flicking over Yale's intimate parts. 'I can't wait to touch you!' Brooklyn rests her head in Yale's lap while she carefully grooms her eyebrows. Brooklyn's head is close to Yale's full breasts and she can see her nipple through the cloth of her shirt. Yale kisses along Brooklyn's milky white thigh and soon the are tangled together on the bed, wriggling and writhing in frantic .

  • Image of Girl Girl  tribbing
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    Thu 18th Jul 2013Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Yale (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Licking her wet labia and soft inside thigh Brooklyn looks up at Yale, teasing and tempting her with her next move.

    Grabbing at each others naked bodies Yale and Brooklyn explore, their small breasts, tufts of natural pubic hair and wandering fingers. Entangled in the bed they bring each other to stunning orgasms.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  kissing
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    Tue 09th Jul 2013Video masturbation: Brooklyn & Noa | Intimate Moments

    'I love kissing you while I touch myself', Brooklyn rests her head on Noa's pert breast, sucking on her nipple while both ladies masturbate. Noa pulls down her short top as it raises up to display her bra. 'Can I see your bra?' Encouraged by a shy Brooklyn, soon both woman are sat in transparent bras, there nipples just visible through the fabric. Noa reveals that although her hair is blond, inside her pants is dark pubic hair and she leans forwards so Brooklyn can see. "I love girl smell!". Tentatively they draw closer kissing deeply on the sofa

  • Video capture of Girl Girl  lesbian foot licking
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    Sat 29th Jun 2013Lesbian Sex: Brooklyn & Rosa M (Video) | Girl-Girl

    Wet pussy's rub together tribbing, Brooklyn's pleasure multiplying each time Rosa gives her a small sharp spank with her hand. Rosa's eye's close and she pushes her face tentatively forwards, waiting to feel the soft plant of Brooklyn's lips meeting hers. When it comes, the intensity keeps building, the ladies locked into each other, wanting more, not sure if they dare to ask - "Can I unbutton your sweater?" A flash of white can be seen upskirt while Brooklyn sits astride Rosa's warm thigh, humping down into pleasure. Slowly clothing comes off, Brooklyn kissing Rosa's naked foot, pressing the sole to her breast before reaching forwards into her lover.

  • Image of Girl Girl  lesbian foot licking
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    Thu 27th Jun 2013Lesbian sex: Brooklyn & Rosa M (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Grabbing and licking Rosa's large pert breasts Brooklyn can't get enough of her tanned body as they undress on the bed. Holding each other Rosa pulls close and presses hard against Brooklyn. Her hand slips down the front of her body and press against her vagina, her fingertips feeling her wetness on her pubic hair.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  muscle clenching orgasm
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    Fri 26th Apr 2013Video Masturbation: Brooklyn | Intimate Moments

    Brooklyn's hand paws at her underwear, the material gathering at her crotch, tightening around her clitoris. Her hand slips inside the waistband, a hint of pubic hair visible as she enters.

    Brooklyn settles herself on the sofa, reclining with her long hair splayed across the pillow. The thin fabric of her top and bra cling to her chest, her hardening nipples clearly visible, as her hands excite her body. Closing her eyes she intimately touches herself, her white buttocks gently lifting from and pushing into the sofa, in rhythm with her pleasure. As her enjoyment builds, the muscles of her stomach visibly clench in anticipation. On the edge of climax she reaches for her toy.

  • Image of Nude Girls  skinny dipping
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    Fri 01st Mar 2013Nude girl Brooklyn (Stills) | Solo

    Outdoors, sunning her pale naked body by the lake Brooklyn emerges from the reeds and walks into the water, soaking her full bush as she gets deeper.

    Splashing her body with the cool water her nipples harden as the water drips from her large breasts. Running her wet fingers up the inside of her thigh she slowly inserts her finger inside herself.

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    Wed 27th Feb 2013Nude girl Brooklyn (Video) | Solo

    Semi-naked Brooklyn walks into the lake and slides her hands into her wet underwear, brushing her pubic hair as it peeks out of her panties.

    In the sun Brooklyn pulls down her dress exposing her pale skin. Moisturizing her body, she slips her hands to the right breast, the larger of the round pair. She touches her warm thighs and pulls her undies exposing her natural bush.

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    Wed 01st Aug 2012Brooklyn Solo | Solo

    Brooklyn is the beautiful pale skinned, dark haired pastry chef. She has a lovely soft and sensual voice and shows us all of her talents. She bakes as a cake in her kitchen while slowly undressing and revealing stories about her fantasies including her desires for girls and to fool around outside.

    I have a suspicion that if we are lucky we might get to see some more of these things on soon! But enjoy this cooking class with a sweet tasting chocolate at the end and a nice shower to rinse off.

  • Image of Nude Girls
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    Mon 30th Jul 2012Brooklyn | Solo

    Beautiful brunette Brooklyn effortlessly seduces you with her seductive yet shy demeanor as she undresses her petite body and reveals her pert breasts and full bush.

    Her first shoot for and its all you could want, its simple, uncomplicated and all about the gorgeous Brooklyn and enjoying the experience of modeling with her first hand.

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