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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  masturbating in the bath
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    Tue 13th Aug 2013Video Masturbation: Amber L & Gisela | Intimate Moments

    Amber rises out of the bath to reach for the soap, her dark full bush emerging from the water, with white soap bubbles clinging to her curls.

    Amber eases her body into the warm bath calling for Gisela to join her. Laying in the water, the soles of their naked feet rest by their partners head and they use their hands to measure who has the smallest feet! Amber helps to soap Gisela's pert breasts before turning around so Gisela can wash her back.They rub bubbles all over their glistening skin, dripping water over their bodies to remove them. Then Amber makes an activity altering discovery - 'My nipples have gone hard'!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  crazy positions
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    Tue 16th Apr 2013Video Masturbation: Amber L & Melody S | Intimate Moments

    'I'm wet already look!' Amber's fingers slip over her moist clitoris, rubbing circles of pleasure into her vagina, mirroring Melody's actions, as they masturbate together.

    Giggling, Melody and Amber bounce on the bed, Amber's pert breasts visible down her blouse as she rocks forwards. The ladies demonstrate how flexible they are, bending their legs behind their heads! Warm, they strip to their underwear, Amber's round bottom delightfully visible in the mirror behind her, as she shows Melody the bow at the front. Melody lifts the top of her underwear to show Amber her shaved pussy, peeking into look at Amber's full bush when she does the same. It is not long before their underwear is off and their hands are busy . . .

    . . . 'Do you want to try for another one?'

  • Video capture of Nude Girls  tight denim shorts
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    Mon 11th Mar 2013Nude girl Amber L (Video) | Solo

    Amber's hands massage her incredible pert breasts. Her palm slides over her inverted nipple, her erect nipple catching between her fingers.

    In the kitchen Amber tells us about what she likes to cook, even offering up her best recipe. Her curves catch in the light from the window as slowly she strips. A stray hair peeps over the top of her pants as she slips her hand inside. "I can put my legs behind my head!'

    Flexing her legs her hands drift first to her vagina and then to her anus, as she pleasures herself on the floor.

  • Image of Nude Girls  tight denim shorts
    in progress...
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    Sun 10th Mar 2013Nude girl Amber L (Stills) | Solo

    With one leg up on the kitchen work top Amber slides her hands into her hairy crotch, spreading her vagina apart. A little drop of her natural wetness escapes onto the side of her pink labia making it shine.

    Amber heats the wax in the palms of her hand, smoothing it on to her bare leg and lifting! With silky smooth legs she unbuttons her tight shorts, wiggling her bottom as she slides them down. Her pubic hair pokes out of the top of her newly exposed underwear as she reaches for her baking apron, turning around to flash her round buttocks. Naked Amber shows off her flexible side, bending her legs so that her feet are by her head as she lays on the floor. Her fingers part her pubic hair and insert into her moist labia before dropping down to stimulate her pink anus.

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