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  • Thu 27th Dec 2012Backstage 350 | Behind the Scenes

    Just the one very sexy shoot in this backstage set, we're going on set with the very beautiful and popular Zasha on her third solo.

    Here's what Jacki her photographer, had to say on the day...

    "Zasha is an A-class model all the way. Her calm demeanor and sexy energy always makes for amazing photos. Her skin tones in amongst this plant/brick-a-brack store looked incredible."

  • Thu 20th Dec 2012Backstage 349 | Behind the Scenes

    COLLATED RAVES ---------------------------------- Video News Latter Chloe B Patience: It's been a while since I have worked with the wonderful Chloe B and I have missed her. She was amazing today for the vnl - needed mostly only 1 take all round and the train Melbourne passengers even got a nice surprise from Chloe B! Lea & Leah IM Jacki: I loved this blonde/brunette combo of Leah and Lea. The girls were of similar size and shape and both with that adorable apple cheek cuteness! They seemed to take a liking to each other too which is always fabulous! Lee: I wanna see a GGT3. Lea and Leah (that's confusing) were just itching to get into each other. They restrained themselves today and their position of looking directly at each other while cumming only heightened the tension. Amber: These chicks looked soooo cute together, being around the same size and complimenting each others differences. Look carefully and you'll see a cool shadow puppet to show our presence in the room! Annalisa & Blaire GGT3 Patience: We had an interesting Girl-Girl today. Firstly, Blaire and Annalisa totally took us by surprise in the beginning, taking it upon themselves to start straight away (when we were just setting up), then young Annalise startled us again and decided to do a great Pee shoot. Oh, and the sex was amazing! Lee: A tier 3 in a shower and a bath and a little toilet action! It was great to see Annalisa back at (it had been a while) and Blaire is fast becoming a faithful on the tier 3 circuit. Heaps of backstage video today too so i think this one is going to be entertaining! Jacki: So I've popped my T3 cherry as a shooter! What a scary/exciting experience that was. I had two awesome models to work with which was half the battle gone. The lovely Annalisa and Blaire were very patient and very hot. We had them do their T3 in a shower...and the steam from the water wasn't nearly as sexy as the steam from the girls! Larissa M & Zasha IM Lee: This pair are quite contrasting - Zasha with her beautiful brown skin, almond eyes and petite size, Larissa M with her pale skin, blue eyes and tall slender body. The one thing both girls have in common is sexual energy and they both complemented each other in this shoot. Zasha was really nervous before the shoot and I was alittle worried for her, however she totally relaxed into the enjoyable day that IM's are. She and Larissa were just so cute together.
  • Thu 20th Dec 2012Backstage 349 | Behind the Scenes

    Something a little bit different with todays backstage set as we tag along with the recording of Chloe B's newsletter. She flashes her large breasts and pale skin as she films under a railway bridge!

    Then we move back inside to the awesomely passionate and fun intimate moments set with Lea and Leah

  • Thu 13th Dec 2012Backstage 348 | Behind the Scenes

    COLLATED RAVES ---------------------------------------- Jenny-Lee Solo Jacki: Gorgeous Jenny-Lee, what a chameleon. This girl had the natural ability to draw on so many moods. Sexy, funny, serious, eerie..she had it all. We shot her in a painted brick garage with edgy lighting. She looked hauntingly beautiful. Patience: I bet you all want to know what makes Henny-Lee feel powerful...? Well your just going to have to wait! One thing I will say is this was a powerful shoot, this young lady has it all. Courtney B Solo Jacki: Courtney B was a little bit shy at first, with a funny little giggle that came out to try and cover her nerves. But with some encouragement and a sneak peak at the shots I was taking of her, she got there in the end. Lee: Courtney B is such a beautiful and slightly innocent young lady. Sue-ann had a really insightful conversation with her today - talking about boys, her body and her sensitive areas as well as finding out tips on how to move into good skating positions.
  • Thu 13th Dec 2012Backstage 348 | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes of two great solos this time with backstage 348! First we are with the gorgeous Asian Jenny-lee for her very simple, sexy shoot.

    Then we move to see whats going on with Courtney B on the set of her solo as she undresses her pale body and small breasts.

  • Thu 06th Dec 2012Backstage 347 | Behind the Scenes

    WOW! This is a great backstage set with some classic shoots! Starting down in windy Victoria, South Australia the beautiful dark-haired Keilyn shows off her natural side in her second solo shoot, as she runs through the hills throwing her clothes off. Its simply stunning.

    Then we match the beauty of the solo with the passion of Blaire and Fae's full paced and action packed girl-girl.

  • Thu 29th Nov 2012Backstage 346 | Behind the Scenes

    Two awesome sexy sets on one great day of shooting! First it the girl-girl shoot of the very cool, quirky and passionate Fae and Odette.

    And as that girl-girl is going on the stunning brunette Gabriela shoots her first ever solo right next door! She looks a little nervous at first but soon her sexy and playful side come out!

  • Thu 22nd Nov 2012Backstage 345 | Behind the Scenes

    Again lots of amazing backstage content in this set from lots of different shoots, and with a wide variety of models. Its always great to see the fun that goes on behind the sexiness.

    And when you want to look at the corresponding shoots, here are the links... Alera Solo, Keilyn Solo, Jordana Solo, Juliette K & Larissa M IM, Elizabeth C Solo

  • Thu 15th Nov 2012Backstage 344 | Behind the Scenes

    Well theres a bit of everything in this set! Behind the scenes of Juliette K's solo where her shooter described her as "on fire today and really enjoyed her little pink dildo in some pretty adventurous positions"

    Then we go the a beautiful double Intimate moments with Juanita and Keira who were described as "These girls were very chatty leading up to their IM", so you know these two hit it off!

    Then we go to a stunning multiple girl shoot known as Book Shop Girls, so go check them out.

  • Thu 08th Nov 2012Backstage 343 | Behind the Scenes

    Another great behind the scenes look starting the amazingly sexual and beautiful Cleo and Angie in thier girl-girl shoot.

    Then we move onto the two slender, blonde beauties Augustine and Lea in their Intimate moment, then last but not lest we play fly on the wall for the very cute and slender Bronte in her solo!

  • Thu 01st Nov 2012Backstage 342 | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes with some gorgeous natural models!

    Big breasted Angie and Blaire hit it off and have lots of fun on and off camera. And whilst all that girl-girl action is going on the very cute, blonde Danielle stars in her first ever solo!

  • Thu 25th Oct 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    AnnaBelle Lee Solo Lee: Woa! AnnaBelle Lee is so hot I was melting in her company today! A constant talker, she went into explicit detail about everything she did and listening to her voice wavering through her descriptions made my knee's knock! I think all the members will enjoy watching her explosive orgasms! Toby: Some very flexible posing from thew lovely AnnaBelle Lee today, she was amazing, nothing was too much trouble and we ended up getting pretty deep into some dildo drive insertions at the end of the shoot! Thanks so much AnnaBelle, hopefully we'll see you back VERY shortly! Immie & Leah DIM Jacki: The girls today were very different in personality but connected very quickly just the same. With Leah being the more subdued one and Immie letting her down with her loud cries of ecstasy, these two made what will be an awesome DIM I'm sure. Lee: The couch was a perfect setting for Leah & Immie to orgasm today. They faced each other on the couch and even after they undressed remained face to face to get excited and give encouragement. Katia Solo 2 Charli: did a beautiful little hair light bouncing off the back of Katia's freckley shoulders and fair skin. She was a absolute delight to work with and kept me amused with Marilyn Monroe impersonations. Lee: Oh what fun we had today with Katia and Sue-ann playing in the lounge. They were jumping around in such an incredibly entertaining fashion! Charli was watching in the background and was in hysteric's! It was difficult for me though since I had to keep up with them on the camera - I was exhausted by the end of the day! Larissa M Solo 2 Toby: How spoilt am I?! I really didn't think i could be so lucky as to shoot Larissa twice in one week, but it seems the sun is shining on Toby! Larissa's amazing legs make her a dream to shoot and we got a great shoot of her playing the drums today. A fiddly overhead lighting setup worked a dream. Lee: Larissa M is such a breeze to shoot! She is so cheerful, so helpful and so beautiful she's sure to amass an abundance of fan's out there! We had a great shoot today constructing her drum kit so she could have an enjoyable bash today! Immie Solo 3 Jacki: Once again I got the pleasure of shooting Immie. She is such a fabulous model. Very naturally sexy, great body awareness and is able to manipulate her body every which way to do any position I could ever ask of her. The overhead lighting was a little tricky to deal with at times but all in all I think it will be a really lovely shoot. Amber: My first solo with Immie and it was such a pleasure as she knows exactly what's sexy and really loves to enjoy herself, by herself. Jamelia Solo Charli: We had interesting day with the lovely Jamelia, I tried to copy the daylight that was coming into the room because it wasn't quite strong enough. I used flash and some reflectors for fill. I think it went ok but it didn't really replicate the daylight I will try again another day. Lee: Jamelia is such a cutie! Her slim, lithe body managed to meander around the kitchen table and chairs while delicately teasing the camera with her playful smile. Blaire Solo 2 Jacki: There's just something so enjoyable about shooting a model who knows what she likes, who knows how to move sexily and how to speak to the camera with her eyes. This is why shooting Blaire is such a pleasure. We did a moodier, more sultry shoot than her first. The results were gorgeous. And the dildo made things even better! Lee: When Blaire walks through the door in the morning you just know it's going to be a good day and it certainly was today! Her smile and laugh is infectious and we giggled all day - just holding in our laughter for the all important shoot!
  • Thu 25th Oct 2012Backstage 341 | Behind the Scenes

    A bumper backstage set this time with some amazing models making some great, sexy appearances! There's all styles of shoot being shown here and the atmosphere behind the scenes is as fun as ever.

    There's some really popular shoots in here and be sure to follow the links and check them out: Annabelle Lee, Immie & Leah, Katia Solo 2, Larissa M Solo 2, Immie Solo 3, Jamelia Solo, Blaire Solo 2

  • Thu 18th Oct 2012Backstage 340 | Behind the Scenes

    Leah, Rana and the stunning Florist girls shoot showing some great backstage footage.

    Having this behind the scenes perspective of what goes on when the cameras stopped running and the fun that happens is always something fun and exciting to observe.

  • Thu 11th Oct 2012Backstage 339 | Behind the Scenes

    Things are heating up behind the scenes again, as we revisit some classic and extremely sexy shoots. Following up on the beautiful Rebecca D's solo as she undresses on the carpet.

    Then there's equally as stunning appearances from, Hayley T, Cerys and Michelle T, so follow the links and check out all the sets these amazing girls have done.

  • Thu 04th Oct 2012Backstage 338 | Behind the Scenes

    WOW this is a set filled with beautiful natural girls! There's almost too much to mention in here. There's fun in the bath with Angie, Rebecca D showing her amazing body and all of these other amazing shoots; Lea Solo, Marigold Solo, and the Blaire & Marigold IM.

    Follow the links to check out the sets in all their stunning glory!

  • Thu 27th Sep 2012Backstage 337 | Behind the Scenes

    Some fun and of course sexy shoots in this one! The beautiful Carys, in Jacki's words,

    "We tried something really different which is always a little scary, but luckily it turned out amazing. Carys was the perfect model for the shoot. Small in size and full of sass. I had her climbing about an old wooden chest. She was the best treasure I reckon anyone could find."

    That's got to get you excited! if you want to see that shoot and the others this backstage sets shows, here's the links... Alisa, Blaire & Kylee IM

  • Thu 20th Sep 2012Backstage 336: Backstage | Behind the Scenes

    Another great backstage, and this time I'm going to let a voice from the past descibe it at its best for you...

    "We all know how much of a sexy minx young Angie is - this is no secret, though let me tell you about Odette. It was her first Girl-Girl today and she was a little nervous which is completely normal, but as soon as we started rolling it seemed she forgot about the cameras altogether having 3 massive orgasms, her whole body was shaking! I also got some funny backstage stuff you will all be interested in." -Patience

    Excited yet!? Well if you want to view the sets from this backstage, here's the links: Angie & Odette, Hayley T and Alisa

  • Thu 13th Sep 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    It's another sexy and funny trip into the shoot days at! This time we're exploring the amazing girl-girl between the beautiful, big breasted Angie and stunning Asian Fae as they mess around on the bed post sex!

    But we're also going to stop by to visit Catherine P in her first solo, and the very cute Katia for a behind the scenes look at her first solo. Enjoy!

  • Thu 06th Sep 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Following on from the last backstage release here is the second half of the behind the Scenes footage. The amazing, sexual, most anticipated (at the time!) and one of the most popular shoots gets exposed in this backstage set, i am of course talking about the incredible Angie and Chloe B girl girl shoot outside in the stable.

    These two gorgeous, natural girls can keep of each others hugely large breasts, soft pale skin, full bushes of pubes and sexual personalities! Ravishing each other on the hay, see from the crew's eyes and watch this timeless shoot as it happened!

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