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  • Mon 21st Oct 2013Backstage 393 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    What great day it turned out to be. The models were all unbelievably stunning, that seemed to all have the fittest little bodies! The location had a glorious light that seemed to kiss the skin of the models most sensual areas and i was lucky enough to capture that. But with out a doubt the most fun thing about today was riding on the dolly and having max push me around like a slave... it's the simple things, heheheh! : ) 

    That's just one description on the day, of just one of the shoots in this awesome backstage set! Starting with the beautiful Life Drawing Girls and running through Intimate Moment's, Girl-Girls and solos! 

  • Mon 14th Oct 2013Backstage 392 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    16 models, across 14 shoots! This set is a non-stop tour of naturally beautiful models and the makings of their shoots! 

    Follow the team around as they shoot the action packed Kara D & Silvie girl-girl, athletic  Amanda H outdoors in the garden and plenty else! Look at the backstage images and find their shoots already live on the website, it's an exciting perspective! 

  • Mon 07th Oct 2013Backstage 391 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes on Window Washing Girls! Wet, naked girls having a mess around as they throw soapy water at each other. It's a fantastic shoot and one that great to see not only the final outcome, but the behind the scenes work as well!
    Joannie, Emma G , Jodie S, Courtney C, Vicky T, Larissa M and Kiki, also appear in this backstage set as they shoot and have fun on their sets!

  • Mon 30th Sep 2013Backstage 390 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    Lots happening again in another packed backstage set! Go behind the curtains on Hayley F's first ever solo shoot, move along to some great double Intimate Moments, and 2 sexy girl-girl shoots.
    There's a lot of models in this backstage 390, and a wide variety of locations used! So make sure to check out al of the shoots for the models in this set, you'll be able to get to them from here... Larissa M, Joannie, Courtney C, Katherine F, Marika, Chahna, Hayley F, Silvie, Kiki, Emily P, Anna T.

  • Mon 23rd Sep 2013Backstage 389 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    Sisters Annaliesa and Hana are both on set at the same time shooting their solo's... "The sisters were amazing out on the shoots today they both did there second solo's and we had a blast. They are impossibly cute also."
    Behind the scenes gives you an opportunity to be out on set, see what goes on when the camera's aren't rolling, see what fun and games everyone gets up to, and of course see how it all comes together to produce some beautifully sexy and natural shoots!

  • Mon 16th Sep 2013Backstage 388 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    "I was in awe with how sensual and luscious Zasha moved her eyes from her body, up to me and then back down to her coffee skinned temple.She is not only sex goddess but a good sport"
    Of course shooter Suri is talking about Zasha, and shooting her stunning outdoor solo, in a very Australian feeling back yard. Zasha and the shoot team are also joined by Joanna M, Michelle K and Emilie.

  • Mon 09th Sep 2013Backstage 387 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    "I have waited to shoot Marigold for ever, I shot her once in my very first week at aw, but I was just learning. I shot her today and wow how incredible is she! This shoot is beautiful and she is amazing. Look at me I am rambling, I have officially joined the Marigold fan club."
    That was what shooter Charli had to say after shooting Marigold's After Dark set, you can see what exactly she was so excited about here! As always, there are lots of great shoots going on in this set, so enjoy as we travel indoors, outdoors, through bedroom and bathrooms in this newest backstage installment!

  • Mon 02nd Sep 2013Backstage: Backstage 386 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    Carly T lifts up her top and flashes her small breasts and toned body to the camera as she prepares for her shoot! We join the shoot crew for her excellent After Dark shoot!
    Long thigh-high stockings and sultry seduction, it's a great shoot you can find here. But it's not all Carly, there's of course lots more shoots we explore and more excited and natural girls interacting behind the scenes.

  • Mon 26th Aug 2013Backstage: Backstage 385 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    Wow! There are a LOT of models, shoots, places, faces and naked bodies in this great behind-the-scenes set! There's almost too many to name, but i'll give it a go, making a beautiful appearance we have, Tamra, Clara, Carla, Carly T, Silvie, Chahna, Tinneale, Leisl, Mirabelle, Marianna, Zaklina, Jade C, Kara D and Sarcha.
    Jacki says "Mirabelle put on a fine seduction today despite the heat wave we are currently experiencing. In fact the camera nearly had a meltdown with the sizzling hot model to contend with as well!"
    It's certainly an action packed set, so put some time aside and enjoy flicking through.

  • Mon 19th Aug 2013Backstage: Backstage 384 (Stills) | Behind the Scenes

    Imagine stumbling across a lake full of beautiful, natural, naked girls playing on rubber rings together!
    Well today the day that happens! Come along with the shoot team and the 8 models and have some fun in the water. The shoot is an absolute must see, so you can find it right here. This is the second half of this exciting backstage set, check out backstage 383 for the first installment.

  • Mon 12th Aug 2013Backstage: Backstage 383 | Behind the Scenes

    Imagine stumbling across a lake full of beautiful, natural, naked girls playing on rubber rings together! Well today the day that happens! Come along with the shoot team and the 8 models and have some fun in the water. The shoot is an absolute must see, so you can find it right here. Also because this shoot is so good we've spread it over 2 backstage releases, so keep your eyes peeled for the second half of this great set...

  • Mon 05th Aug 2013Backstage: Backstage 382 | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the scenes with beautiful, natural, naked girls as they have fun and interact on set. There's pools, hats, clothes on, clothes off, and of course lots of great times on set with the models and shooters. There's a particularly interesting time at Silvie's After Dark shoot and on a stunning white sandy beach with Carly T & Silvie once more!

  • Mon 29th Jul 2013Backstage: Backstage 381 | Behind the Scenes

    "What a smooth day. Great weather, great location, AWESOME model and great shoot to top it all off. It couldn't have gone any better, and it was all thanks to the lovely Natalie. What a beautiful first shoot." - Jacki (Shooter) Lots of shoots, lots of models and lots of fun in and outdoors! Follow the shoot team as they travel, shoot, laugh with and spend time with some fantastic natural models!

  • Mon 22nd Jul 2013Backstage 380 | Behind the Scenes

    In this backstage set you'll be running from set to set with a whole bunch of fun and natural models! From girl-girl shoots to IM's, solo's and even the very soon to be released After Dark set from the beautiful brunette Immie! Put yourself in the action, be there on set as a model, photographer or just a "fly on the wall"!

  • Mon 15th Jul 2013Backstage: Backstage 379 | Behind the Scenes

    Harper's naked slender body leans up against the cold hard bricks as she peers out of the window. Looking over photographer Jacki's shoulder, and past the camera you can place uorself on set as if a fly on the wall! Watch the action and sex unfold with all of this of back stage action, across multiple shoots with the sunning models!

  • Mon 08th Jul 2013Backstage 378 | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the camera once again!

    This time we go out shooting the stunning Christen in her after dark shoot, at the beach with the camper van girls, on the bed with Gilian & Keilyn and bumping into Angelika as she shoots her second solo. Stockings, beaches, pillow fights... it's all happening.

  • Mon 01st Jul 2013Backstage 377 | Behind the Scenes

    Sit behind the cameras and take part in the fun, the sex, the recording and the whole team.

    In this set we move around from shoot to shoot, taking in some stunning locations, awesome sex and of course beautiful girls! We start with solo shoots for Lea, Silvie and Jette. Then we move onto three incredible girl-girl shoots, Carly T & Keilyn, Beck & Lea and Fae & Kiki. Experience the shots from behind the scenes, then be sure to check out the full set!

  • Mon 24th Jun 2013Backstage 376 | Behind the Scenes

    Behind the curtains on two excellent outdoors shoots, the first is brunette Mercedes and her first solo shoot.

    Thes second shoot is the Cassie & Kiki girl-girl shoot described by their shooters as...

    "The setting today was so romantic. Mosquito net flowing in the wind. Mountains of pillows and a gorgeous day bed. Kiki and Cassie looked like goddesses amongst the white curtains."

  • Mon 24th Jun 2013Backstage 376 | Behind the Scenes

    COMPILED RAVES ------------------------------------ Mercedes Solo Amber: Sizzling Mercedes did lots of nudie cartwheels, handstands and front flips for me in the backyard today! Charli: Mercedes is a beautiful stunning girl with sparkling blue eyes and a beautiful body. She is an absolute darling to work with and I enjoyed every moment of it. I probably got a little carried away cause she was simply so beautiful I could not stop shooting. Cassie & Kiki GGT3 Patience: We have been waiting to use this particular location for a long time now and it was the perfect day for it with Cassie and Kiki! Amber: It was such a romantic setting out on the Balinese Day bed, it was natural for the girls to get aroused and in the mood for some explosive passion. Apologies to the neighbors! Jacki: The setting today was so romantic. Mosquito net flowing in the wind. Mountains of pillows and a gorgeous day bed. Kiki and Cassie looked like goddesses amongst the white curtains.
  • Mon 17th Jun 2013Backstage 375 | Behind the Scenes

    "We had a huge 19 girl shoot! It was unbelievable, 19 girls doing step aerobics and getting naked. They looked stunning as they got sweaty and undressed."

    Loads of fantastic images from the amazing 19 girl Step Aerobics Girls shoot! Dive in and take a look!

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