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  • Fri 24th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 247 is up today!

  • Fri 17th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Rita Solo 246-001 to 010 Adora: Oooh-la-laaaaahh (sorry, obvious but appropriate), Rita is a French honey. Got all the goods - brains & brawn, with an accent that could melt a glacier. Sky did a great job capturing some groovy footage, her confidence growing with every shoot :-) Here's to more growth and great talent; what a winning combination. Naomi: What a lovely lady! Miss Rita is a European godess. Soft, sensual and very sexy! She's a multi-lingual brainiac who can kite surf like a pro. This girl is super sporty and wildly exotic. Don't u just love french accents?! Toby: Rita is sexy, and she certainly pulled a few moves in her stills shoot today. The French have a reputation for being very seductive people and Rita lives up to that. I had a few lighting battles early on that kept me busy during the shoot, changing this and adjusting that. Something tells me this may not be the last time you see Rita nude. Susie: Another Frenchie! We love 'em here at aw (remember Ariel - ohh err) and Rita was no exception. She was so cute, as she was constantly apologising for the language barrier ("Oh! I am so sorry, my English, is no good!") which wasn't even that much of a problem. There were a few funny confusions with Toby giving her directions ("No, I mean sit on the COUCH not that big blue BALL!") but all in all it was a fun afternoon.

    Aydee Solo 246-011 to 021 Toby: Aydee has the most stunning blue eyes I have ever seen, they are so clear and pretty. I tried very hard to focus on them today in her shoot. She actually had a scar on her face also, that I thought was a lovely contrast to her eyes, I debated whether to ask her about it, as I didn't want to make her self conscious (I thought the scar was pretty damn cool) but when I did ask her about it, she was totally proud of it! telling me how the scar was her "war wounds". Neat! Adora: What a cool girl, so fun and up for a laugh. Shame Aydee was grappling with a headache, but you wouldn't have guessed it with her sparkling eyes. She showed us how she likes to muck about at the beach. Fun in the sun, bring it on. Prue: Aydee was a bundle of energy. She started off kind of shy but then we got her to show us her surfing moves and she just bursted out of that bubble. She was running around the room and jumping on the floor....swimming through the carpet. Totally wild! Susie: Aydee is one of those cute little spunks you see shopping every Saturday with all the trendiest clothes and accessories (ie: not Susie!) and lunching with her like-minded girlfriends. I thought she was simply gorgeous, and her clothes were too! Like Toby said, her eyes are pretty amazing, so icy blue.

    Sacha Solo 246-011 to 021 Toby: Today Sacha shot her video first, which would usually be ok, except that her bedroom windows didn't open and Adora's lights are HOT, crazy hot, they don't call them "red heads" for nothing. The lights had heated the room to oven like temperatures and both Sacha and I were sweating up a storm (sorry, a glow. Ladies glow). I could barely hold my camera, it kept slipping. Sacha didn't slip when it came time for her to use her new toy though. Adora: It's hot and cramped and kinda stuffy in here, but Sacha was a trooper and did a great job. The shoot started with a spot of recounting sexual fantasies. Well, there's only one way to go from there and Sacha reached the top. Think a nap is in order now, good one. Prue: Sacha and her glowing red hair could stop traffic. She got straight into the action talking about a dream she had about a girl at her gym...very hot and juicy! She also test drives a new blue dildo that is a strange shape but hits the right places. Susie: Sacha is tough. Real tough. It was damn hot in that room - and at least I could escape and get some air every now and then, but poor Toby and Sacha were stuck in there all afternoon. Ugh! I occasionally rationed them some water, if they were behaving themselves. Which wasn't often!

    Crystal Solo 246-022 to 037 Toby: Crystal was so much fun. I was trying very hard to concentrate on shooting and not making stupid jokes with her today. It turns out she is quite musical and looked stunning playing a bit of guitar (pronounced Gee-Tarrr). The light looked great as well, and we even improvised a shampoo commercial with a cute vintage fan. So there are some very interesting shots in today's set. Nice work Crystal, hope you all enjoy looking at her as much as I enjoyed shooting her. Adora: What a legend! Crystal certainly knows how to have a good time, but the most striking thing about her, aside from her hot body, is her sharp mind. She's also great on the guitar. Naked girl strumming a chord or two, what could be better. Good on ya. Prue: Crystal was such a hoot. We picked on one another about the small towns we came from and piged out on the mnm's at Fotina's house. She was great to shoot because she has a hot wonder when she runs every day...oh that makes me tired just thinking about it. She told us about her old band she use to rock out in and we got her to do her best air guitar impression. Top job! All the best Crystal. Rock on!

    Fotina Solo 246-022 to 037 Adora: 'I'm a star, I'm a star, I'm a star...' chirped the lovely Fontina. Now, I'd usually be finding the nearest bin to, ahem, lose my lunch in if I heard that, but somehow Fontina gets away with it. She pretty much is a star. Great smile, great laugh, and she knows how to move her body. Just as well, cos we get to see a lot of it... Prue: Hostest of the mostest! Fotina made us feel very at home with her table of sweets and lunch all set up for us...what a legend...not only did she feed us she gave us great energy!She bubbled every minute we were there. If she wasn't being photgraphed by Toby or filmed by Adora, she was mucking around for some great backstage pics. Watch out for this one guys shes crazy!! Plus hot!! Toby: At the end of a pretty long week, we all really needed a day like this. When we arrived at Fotina's place she had a buffet of food layed out for us, little sandwiches, M&M's (Abby's fave), watermelon, and drinks. As if all this wasn't too good to be true, Fotina was a fantastic model also! She was really at home in front of the camera, I dare say we haven't seen the last of Fotina! and I'm certainly not complaining.

    Monica J Solo 246-038 to 061 Prue: Monica Monica the brazil princess...she doesnt only carry Brazil in her heart, she also carries it in her nickers. Monica showed us around her lounge room and we helped her forfill her rio fantasy.I got to film this beauty all by myself, plus with some help from Adora. Thanks to two lovely ladies! Toby: Well Monica couldn't look unattractive if she tried, which made her very easy to shoot. We had some fun messing around with a puzzle and climbing all over the coffee table, what would your mother say Monica! Adora: Ooohhhhhhh Brazilians, gotta luv em, they've such a cool attitude to life, and they certainly know how to shake their boo-tays! Not that Monica had that much to shake, it's a small tush but peachy all the same. I attempted to speak Portuguese with her at one point, oh dear, it's been a while. No time for dented pride, we've got a hot chick to shoot!

    Evette Solo 246-038 to 061 Prue: Evette is one hot girl...and what should hot girls have, the best. So we gave her the best dildo ever, i and the girls ooooh and arrrh over this shiney metal looking delight. It came out of a black box lined with silk...oooh it was swanky. Evette was so excited by the toy that she gave us a great performance. Thanks Evette Toby: Evette put in an amazing effort today, it was hot in the room and she was pretty pooped after her video. She has the most amazing hair, which she tells me is getting cut tomorrow because its so unruley, but I think its lovely! I got her to shake it around a bit, thats not the only thing she shook around! Her new stainless steel toy from Frans kept me on my toes as I tried to keep my reflection out of it, yikes. Adora: I'm so proud of Prue, what a good sport. We asked her to get behind the camera and work some magic... could be a little full-on for a newbie but Prue handled it with style (under my tutelage). Evette was the ideal model to begin her foray into film, such a sweet girl. She had a sexy husky voice and plenty of sexy stories and moves to show us. And, oh my goodness, what an awesome dildo - I've never seen anything like it!

    Chloe B & Phoenix Tier 3 246-062 to 108 Toby: Models like todays are are a dream to shoot, they know whats going on, they enjoy what they are doing, plus they are super hot. Phoenix couldn't get enough of Chloe's huge breasts, saying "I've never seen boobs that big and perky before" and Chloe couldn't get over how small Phoenix was, squealing "You must be like 5 foot or something!" I couldn't get over how well the shoot went. Thanks ladies! Prue: Well it was my first girl girl teir 3 shoot...i feel like im writing my bio. I was a little thats a lie i was like ok lets get into it! I was the second camera and the lovely Susie was number 1. It was great to work with two fantastic girls. Chloe B has an unreal body with great breasts and Phoenix does too, the contrast of the two different type bodies was great. The two of them hit it off straight away , all through the house you could hear moaning and giggling. They enjoyed one another very much which made it a great experience for my first go at filming a GG3. Thanks Chloe B and Phoenix! Susie: What a day! I just adore Chloe, her and I have had some fun times together here at aw, especially with her partners in crime Marigold and Paula! Need I say more? Anyway, today she teamed up with pocket rocket Phoenix for some more GG action - Chloe tells us it's her sixth shoot! And I have been luck enough to shot five of them. I wonder if young Phoenix will do six too...

    Tiff Solo 246-062 to 108 Adora: Wow, two great gals today - Tiff our model and Sky our trainee Videographer. They both did a fab job, really throwing themselves into it. Tiff was a bright spark, troubleshooting a little technical issue with great observation skills,Ta. Sky has this awesome, yet seemingly painful way of capturing shots, her foot bending back into some weird-ass positions, ouch. Gotta suffer for your art eh ;-) Good work guys! Toby: Hello Tiff! It's great when a model is as bubbly and easy going as Tiff was today. Sometimes shoots can take a bit longer to really nail certain shots, and when a model is relaxed and cool about contorting herself into some fun positions, it makes things so much more interesting. Tiff was such a laugh as well, telling us about her "busy" evening the night before... Susie: We have shot so many newbies lately they are all melting into my brain and becoming the same person...argh! Tiff is one that stands out in my mind, she's an outgoing lass with a killer smile and a body to match! She tells me today she cannot wait to do a Girl-Girl shoot for aw...woo! SKY:My 2nd shoot with AW and what a great model TIFF is 2 work with! Making my learning experience a lot smoother. Thanx Tiff! Wish lighting was betterShe is a true star! Sexy! Sweet! And oh so funny!! This girl has a bod 2 die for and a personality 2 match.

    Shelly B & Phoenix Tier 3 246-109 to 131 Toby: I was a very lucky again today to be able to do a shoot with Phoenix, and this time we were shooting with the lovely Shelly who just happens to be (nearly) as big a fan of dumb British comedy as I am. Her video collection was amazing! As I'm sure you'll see in the photos, she had piles of DVD's, toys and videos that reached the roof. Phoenix, Suzie and Myself had a great time rummaging around her shelves, which Shelly was cool with as long as we didn't take anything out of its box. Ha! Hot, slightly nerdy girls are my favorites. Susie: Toby is right, Shelly's video and dvd collection was awesome! She's such a gem, one of my favourites for sure. Phoenix and Shelly are very different ladies, but they got along beuatifully of course, both being such wonderful people and hard-working models! Two Tier 3s in two days for young Phoenix, what a girl!

    Sarah-Jane Solo 246-132 to 158 Adora: I see you baby, shaking that ass, shaking that ass, shaking that ass... Oh, go Groove Armada, go Sarah-Jane! Sky was the maestro behind this shoot today, I was just hanging around, drinking G&T's (JOKE). Those two did a great job, and after a few hiccups during the shoot, we all managed to get some fab footage. Now can I have a G&T? ;-) SKY: Well hello Sarah-Jane!This girl has an amazing body!Long and lean and boy can she move! Bright red hair and pale skin and big beautiful breasts that need to be seen to be believed. Their gravity defying! Super hot! Toby: Sarah-Jane, well we had some fun. As you may have noticed I'm pretty short, and Sarah-Jane isn't. So i lived out all my long legged fantasies with her. Expect plenty of legs, feet and long bodies in this set. Such a sweltering day, such a hot girl.

    Melinda Solo 246-132 to 158 Toby: Melinda is such a sweetie, her house was great. We shot her in an awesome yellow chair and she had all these mirrors laying around, so we used a couple to bounce the light around. She was very patient with me while I fiddled around with the lights and then the mirrors, and then the lights again. I love patient models. Prue: Melinda has the most beautiful face. Toby took some great shots of her lounging around the house. Then Sky came with her video equipment to capture her in mid flight, dancing and moving her cute body around. Good times! SKY: Melinda was a gem. I had a hard time with the tiny lounge and all the mirrors but Melinda showed me exactly how fun it could be. This girl knows how to tweak her nipples just right.

  • Fri 17th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 246 is up today!

  • Thu 16th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    If you dig watching two seriously smoking hot girls get it on, then you will be blown away by Anna & Danielle's sex session. Danielle is the more experienced and less nervous of the two. She is a brunette bombshell with sexy tan lines and an amazing body and a beautiful face. A genuine stunner with a powerful sex drive and an equally skillful prowess to show it off

    Anna is just beautiful. A bit more quiet and shy personality, but incredibly hot. She has a long, slender flawless body with great pert boobs and lovely long hair. These girls revel being inside the hotness of one another, erect nipples demonstrate this as does the hardcore sex that ensues.

    ALSO be sure to take a look at the backstage video featuring heaps of behind the scenes chat with the girls.

  • Wed 15th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Legs entwined on the bed, Anna and Danielle playfully and flirtatiously giggle with each other, but it only takes a few sneaky up skirt peeks before the girls pounce on one another in an explosive release of sexual tension. Passionate kissing and groping have the girls transfixed on ripping away their clothes and getting to the smooth skin and slim toned body that lay beneath.

    Danielle, the more open and experienced of the two soon breaks what shyness Anna has left and as she pulls off Anna's dress she exposes her amazing, pert round, large breasts. Something both you and her will have been craving to see at that point!

    This shoot is a seriously intense sexual exploration of these two stunning brunettes and its difficult to think it could get any better, but trust me it does, with the impromptu inclusion of another amazing girl. I don't want to spoil it so you'll have to just dive in and find out for yourself!

  • Tue 14th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    A blonde and bubbly babe, Leonie really is awesome to watch as she moves sensually from bedroom to shower and back again. Waking up after a quick nap, Leonie decides a quick bit of pampering is what she needs to get her going; but rolling her finger over the moist, smooth surface of her lip balm soon gives her the inspiration for another kind of personal pampering.

    Stripping off and getting into the shower Leoni lets the beads of warm refreshing water spill over her slim, toned body and writhes as her finger slips inside her. Playing with herself on the shower floor she reaches for her pink, smooth dildo and slowly inserts it inside her, invigorating herself with every motion.

    Obviously feeling refreshed she dries off and heads to the bedroom to finish herself off in a leg splaying display of intimate sexuality.

  • Fri 10th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Fi Solo 245-100 to 122 Toby: I arrived early to Fi's house, the traffic was much better than I had expected. Usually we go to shoots in groups but today I went out by myself with Adora and Pru coming later. It was really nice to set up and shoot uninterrupted with Fi who did a great job. I was having such a good time that I totally lost track of time was a bit late for my next shoot... whoopsy! Prue: Adora and i arrived at Fi's house to find Toby crawling around on Fi's floor to get the best shots. We stepped in right after Toby to get it all on film. Fi shows us her best seduction moves and test drives her new pink dildo...all i want to know is what does the love bugs do? Adora: Fancy a cuppa tea? Fi showed us around her loungeroom, quite the romantic it turns out. She even lights some candles to get us in da moooooooood. After showing us her curvy body she gets her cool toy out to play. Go girl.

    Kylee Solo 245-123 to 139 Susie: Toby and I had such a lovely afternoon hanging out with newbie Kylee! She's a pocket dynamo (she's actually shorter than Toby and I didn't thank was possible, heh!) with gorgeous skin and flame coloured hair! And behind that cheeky grin is a smart and fun lady, I am sure you'll all agree... Toby: Kylee is such a cutie, and I had an absolute ball getting her into lots of silly positions and getting her to do a bunch of silly things (that actually look really good on camera). I reckon she has done some dancing too, because she is way too graceful. I might plan something special for Kylee, she was a total pleasure to shoot. Adora: Bend and stretch, reach for the stars... Oh yes, Kylee's done the odd forward bend or two in her time. Ballet has infiltrated many a youngster's life; great for developing future party tricks though. Kylee was a great host, showing us around her posy in the lounge and showing off her great body. Cheers!

  • Fri 10th Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 245 is up today!

  • Fri 03rd Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Abigail Solo 244-001 to 085 Toby: Canadian girls are one of my favorite nationalities to shoot, they are so vibrant and uninhibited. I couldn't keep her still! With every click of the camera she was changing positions and facial expressions. It made her really easy to shoot. She asked lots of questions too, about what camera setting I was on, she tells me she has quite the interest in photography. More hot girls BEHIND cameras I say! Adora: What a gorgeous accent, what a gorgeous smile, what a gorgeous personality. Abigail has the works. She's got a lot of stuff hanging about her room that needs sorting, so she tidies up a tad. Great bit you find with that is things you'd forgotten about get a play with again. Hmmm, a horse-riding hat, looks great. Kinda reminds Abigail of a fantasy she has, which takes place in a stable. That stable-hand's Christmas' would come all at once... Prue: Abigail was great today. She is one of those girls that is up for anything. She did everything with a smile and always had something to say. A joy to shoot especially when wearing a horse riders hat! hot!

    Samara Solo 244-001 to 085 Toby: Samara was very patient with me today. I really wanted to shoot her outside, so we wandered around looking for a perfect spot. But then the sun came out, and then it clouded over and then it started to spit rain, and I thought "bugger this" and decided to move it to the kitchen. Samara did a great job, and some interesting table maneuvering... Adora: Lordy. Well Samara certainly knows her assets, and how to work 'em when she's out on the town. And making videos for that matter. I won't be so crude as to point them out to you - ok, ok, she's got enormous knockers. There, I said it. Can understand why she's not into running or that. Sorry, I'll stop now. Prue: Today i learnt how it feels to be a man! Samara showed Adora and i how she moves when she hits the town with her friends. So Adora thought i better get a closer look...a closer look i said but you can see those puppies from mars...she meant get in there to get my groove thang i played a guy at a night club/kitchen and Samara showed me how she usually seduces you sure can move!

    Primrose Solo 244-085 to 123 Susie: I think that Primrose looks a little like our old friend Jamie, don't you agree? Certainly they both have that fair, clear skin and healthy hair thing going on! Primrose was at the same festival that Toby and I were at on Sunday, and like us she got a little sunburnt, oops! She called me the day before her shoot to tell me, but I just told her to drink lots of water and moisturise all night. Thank goodness it worked, she really made our day! Toby: We were shooting down by the water today, which is always a bit exciting. Today didn't let us down either! Primrose was fantastic while we dealt with some pesky teenage boys, and some woodchoppers. She really suits her name too, all peaches and cream complexion. She looks great on film, which is awesome for me, I can hardly put a foot wrong! Adora: How handy; a hot chick AND she can read maps. Bit of a trek out to the Aussie bush today but well worth the effort. Lovely day, perfect swimming weather, oh golly, looks like some folk down there have got that exact idea! No peaking now, understand? Prue: Primrose blossomed like a flower through her shoot...with layer by layer coming off to reveal her peach skin. Dont be fooled thou she is a wiz with the street maps!

    Tarlie Solo 244-085 to 123 Susie: What a trooper young Tarlie is! We love the crazy German ladies here at aw, and Tarlie is certainly no exception. It was a pretty warm day today, and we had her trekking through the park to this lovely location. There was a few people wandering around but she didn't mind at all, especially because it was mainly teenage boys who had wagged school to go for swim in the creek! Toby: Nice work Tarlie. Although Tarlie probably had a rather tough time of understanding me today (my voice was muffled behind the camera, and I dont speak German) She certainly understood how to put on a good show. She looked quite at home in amongst the bushes, messing around. Although there was an accident with a pen as the shoot started (you'll see) but in the end, we got a really good shoot done. Adora: This was a surprise shoot for me, but y'know, it's all good. Tarlie's a lovely girl, out from Germany. They sure know how to bake bread those guys. Anyhow, back to more important things... Tarlie is an active young lady, very up for running & jumping around. And you know those zany European's, just love getting their kit off ;-) Prue: Tarlie was a cutie! She showed us how to get fit...german style. She put us through our paces, racing around the bush ducking in and out of trees. She was quiet comfortable to go for a run around in the bush as a bird. Happy travels Tarlie!

  • Fri 03rd Dec 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 244 is up today!

  • Fri 26th Nov 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Janey Solo 243-001 to 079 Toby: Janey has a fascination with Dusty Springfield, her whole room is set up like a shrine to her! Its pretty neat, I love cluttered rooms, so much fun to shoot in. I nearly killed Janey though, when I tripped on a power cord sending her tape player and a bunch of her tapes falling onto the bed beside her head, I also knocked a speaker into the ground. A bad day for audio equipment, a good day for the rest of us. Adora: Mirror, mirror, on the wall; and the ceiling too, if it wasn't for the fact that Janey's phobic about it crashing down on her & causing a spot of trouble. She does show us how she likes to check out her face during the penultimate moment though. Gotta luv curious chicks. She's shows us around her cosy bedroom, and then around her slender body, just for good measure. Hey, Janey, is that a funky glass dildo I see before me?... Prue: Guys watch out for Janey cause she was interesting to film so im sure she will be interesting to watch. We follow her around her room, getting her to try on her favorite outfits.She was a star and the team shined with her.

    Tatjana Solo 243-001 to 079 Toby: I shot Tatjana at the end of a long day, I'm pretty pooped, its been a busy week here at Abby Winters. But Tatjana was a light at the end of the tunnel, she was so bubbly and fun even though she must have been just as tired as I was, we joked about the dutch being cold, but Tatjana was as sweet as they come, she had a great tan too, lucky thing! Adora: Young ladies like Tatjana make for lovely shoots. She was great; attentive, friendly, sexy, I could go on. Tatjana is a pro with the ol' racket - cool, cos I need a few pointers, this being the Australian Open time and all. Just as well the ball we were using was fashioned out of a tea-towel because it landed on my head. Listen out for the wimpy girly squeel. Priceless. Prue: Tatjana is a sweetheart! It was her first shoot and she was up for anything we threw at her...Literally. She showed us her great moves when playing her fav, volley ball and tennis. She loves playing sports and she was a great sport today. Tatjana have a great time travelling around Australia!

    Frances Solo 243-080 to 185 Susie: Its been a month since I have been out on a shoot so I was a little rusty this morning but after a little while I slipped back into the Shoot Manager role pretty well (I hope!). I guess its just like riding a bike... Adora: Hey, don't mind me, coming into your loungeroom to shoot the video. S'pose you're not missing much on the box, being daytime TV and all. Yep, Frances had far more interesting things to show us - funky dance moves, her favourite positions and all her glorious curves. Hubba-hubba. Toby: Trying to keep my reflection, or the lights reflection, out of the window was my biggest concern today. I certainly wasn't concerned about Frances, she was a dream! really sweet and totally into every little thing. She asked questions about the camera being heavy and was that a closeup lens I was putting on? Having Suzi help out was a bit special too, that girl really knows how to slap together a sandwich. Ali Solo 243-080 to 185 Toby: Interesting backyards are great fun to shoot in, and Ali has heaps of junk back there. She drags a few old chairs and a bike into the mix for us to play with in todays shoot. It turns out Ali is quite the reptile fan, as am I, so we spent much of the shoot chatting about snakes and lizards. So nice to see a hot girl who isn't afraid of things that slither. Adora: Ali had the greatest attitude, and I really mean that! She had a go at all the goofy challenges I set and was a wonderfully patient girl, even when the perfectionist in me wanted to get that umpteenth close-up. She's also an active lass and not afraid to get physical, so we had a laugh together in the backyard, just messing about. I'd like to see her on a surfboard for real - knarly dude! Susie: Ali has the best boobs ever. Oh, apart from Harriet of course. Sorry Ali, but second place is still a winner in my book! Was great to finally meet her today, we have spent about a month trying to get her in and finally, here she is. Phew. What a day - two blonde spunks!

  • Fri 26th Nov 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 243 is up today!

  • Fri 19th Nov 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Eryn Solo 2 242-001 to 039 Toby: When a model comes alive in front of the camera its so rewarding, and today Eryn just beamed. Even though the heat and flies were driving us all crazy she looked fantastic. We had quite a few passers by today, but Eryn was cool with all the stopping and starting, even though she had just come home from working the night shift. I wish I looked that good with no sleep. Prue: There are two things that are fantastic about New Zealand-icecream and Eryn! She is a fab beauty having a great time in the Australian outback....good on ya mate. Toby got some fantastic shots and Adora got some good toes shots that were my for me i was the body gaurd jumping in there everynow and covering up Eryn. Adora: I. Want. Her. Boobs. Enough said? Ok, ok, well not just her boobs, her golden skin would be kinda cool too. Anyhow, sorry to objectify you Eryn, you're a great chick. Tolerant too, with all those persistent flies and sweltering heat. Eryn would have to be one of the best advertisements for 'slip, slop, slap' that this fine land has to offer!

    Caroline Solo 242-040 to 059 Toby: Its all drizzly and rainy here today, which was a real shame because I really wanted an outdoors shoot. When we rocked up to shoot Caroline, we discovered a great back porch and realized that we didn't have to abandon our grand plans to shoot outside after all. She settled in with a book while we set up, and then she did a great job. Looking quite comfortable sitting back watching me shoot her, and the summer rain. Adora: Partaaaaayyy! Caroline is one feisty young lady, yes indeed. She loves a drink, she loves a dance, and she LOVES to make love. Just as well we had a pole on hand for her to show off her moves. But it didn't stop at that you know... Prue: Caroline was such a treat with a fab body and great moves that show off her curves. Toby did a great shoot and she made sure she had protection with a green skirt hiding the camera from the weather. Adora also had a fab shoot with Caroline showing us some dance moves and telling us about this revolving dance floor she loves to boogie on!

    Katy Solo 3 242-060 to 086 Toby: Today, Katy, Pru and Myself fought off ants and flies and spiders to bring you another Abby shoot straight from the Australian bush. Thats right, parrots squawking in the trees, ants working hard to ferry dropped food into their hollow tree and Katy, laying out her pretty sun dress and having a good time wanking under the shade of a Coolibah tree. Adora: Katy beckoned us into the bushes for a bit of play today, Oh, behave! The great outdoors eh, not Katy's usual setting but she certainly made us feel right at home. There was a whole heap of interaction going on in this shoot, both Prue & yours truly got stuck in at various points. Reckon Katy loved the company, and the excuse to get 'demonstrative'... Prue: Well out in the aussie bush we got stuck write into it with bugs and ants...katy was a the star of the day but myself and Adora got in on some of the keep an eye out for that one. Thanks for showing me a few tricks Katy....A B C D E F G

    Leah V Solo 2 242-087 to 105 Toby: Leah would have to be one the hottest girls I've shot. Its her teeth, they are so cute! I really like it when a person has some sort of quirky feature on an otherwise perfect face. It makes them so much more interesting, and Leah is certainly that! Hopefully I'll get a chance to work with her again, and you guys will get plenty more shoots with Leah. Prue: Today i had the pleasure of hoping behind the camera every now and then to film the beautiful Leah. She dazzled me with her great bed moves and cute smile. I agree with Toby quirky features are beautiful and make a person unique. Adora: Non-verbal communication is where it's at. Yep, who needs chit-chat when you've got the kind of body that could spell out a Shakespearian sonnet! Leah has got the goods. In spades. Watch and learn...

  • Fri 19th Nov 2010 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 242 is up today!

  • Behind the scenes: The girls

    Tue 22nd Dec 2009The girls | Behind the Scenes

    Flashback, here we are just hanging out at work shooting the breeze having a laugh.

  • Behind the scenes: A taste of Viola

    Tue 17th Nov 2009A taste of Viola | Behind the Scenes

    This was Viola's second solo for AW, but her first appearance on POTD! She is a nerd's delight and very individual (and is one of Giselle's many peeps) ! Enjoy.

  • Behind the scenes: Jack of all >braids<

    Thu 29th Oct 2009Jack of all >braids< | Behind the Scenes

    Oh I am so funny... It had been a while since we had shot anyone as cute as little blondie Kyle with braids so Max and I thought 'today is the day'. Thus our little hair-styling-in-the-bathroom began. And there's posting champion Daria capturing the magic. Love that chick!

  • Wed 28th Oct 2009 | Behind the Scenes

    Special Yoga Girls re-release

    Way back in May 2007, we shot 16 girls doing nude yoga! We shot it on our then-new Panasonic HVX202 HD video cameras. HD represented a huge challenge to a company that was only shooting Standard-Def at the time - lots of workflow and technology changes. Because we were so new, we were not quite ready to risk shooting yoga-girls on HD - imagine if we messed it up!

    So, we played it safe, and did a great shoot on SD media, and released the shoot on the site. But now, due to popular demand, we have re-released the shoot. We have up-converted the video to HD, which is not as good as real HD, but a lot better than the original. Not only is the shoot available in the new AW formats, we also have provided a full HD encode for you to enjoy!

    We might re-encode some other old stuff in the future, but our main focus will always be on making our new stuff look as good as possible.

  • Thu 25th Jun 2009 | Behind the Scenes

    The Girl Girl sessions here at usually have pictures THEN video - but these two girls just couldn't contain themselves! Halfway through their imageset, with multiple orgasms looking very likely, the abby crew scrambled to capture video of two incredibly natural, passionate Aussie babes enjoying sex just the way they like to...Enjoy!

  • Wed 24th Jun 2009 | Behind the Scenes

    Passionate and attentive, red headed Maria slowly licks the length of Zasha's incredibly creamy and rather aroused pussy. One slow, sweet lick turns quickly into something deeper as she inserts first one, then two fingers in gently and deep in answer to Zasha's pleading eyes. A HOT girlgirl moment not to be missed!

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