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  • Thu 03rd Mar 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Cute and blonde Masie is swept away by the alternative Asian beauty Twyla, for a very hot, fervidly passionate and intensely intimate girl on girl sex session you would not believe!

    With Twyla's hands working to release Masie's smooth skin and supple breasts from the restrictions of her clothing the two are soon entwined in a barely dressed embrace on the sofa. These two genuinely share a huge sexual passion for each other and as they fall deeper into one another their experimentation truly begins.

  • Wed 02nd Mar 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Girly girl Masie is taken by the Asian tomboy Twyla, into a kinky world of immense sexual gratification, squirting and emotional release. Her smooth skin and supple breasts are touched and tweaked, also introduced is an umbrella, cleaning implements and the vivacious passion of their partner- this girl girl stops at nothing to reveal raw, passionate and emotional sex.

    "That's the most sexual thing that's ever happened to me. That was so lovely. Do girls always cry when they have had sex? Oh my god that is the most amazing thing I have ever done...We have had an experience here today at" Masie.

  • Fri 25th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 256 is up today!

  • Fri 25th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Marnie Solo 256-001 to 019

    Patience: Marnie dropped the bomb when she told us she was into women -aarggh that'll learn me for being stereotypical. We shot her outside, she did some pole dancing with this old clothes line in a cute little garden.

    Toby: Marnie really reminds me of a girl who works in a store i go to all the time, I had to do a double take when I first met Marnie! Of course that may have had something to do with the fact I'm quite flu affected and I cant really see straight... I run into the shop girl in the strangest places, so it wouldn't have come as a massive shock if she had shown up to model for AW. Marnie was great as my Model/Flecky Wrangler when the wind got out of control...

    Prue: Wow what a day....loving the sun! Believe it or not Melbourne was sunny all day. We decided to shoot the lovely Marnie outside.Patience and i had a sweet time getting to now Marnie in the backyard by the clothes line. We asked the tough questions that you all wanted to know...then Marnie hung her clothes up on the line from off her body, so she could do some naked dancing. What a great day....big smiles in the dazzling sun!

    Cici 256-001 to 019

    Patience: Cici's accent is really sexy, so in her video I got her speaking in Spanish. She has a really sexy body, it was a successful day all round. Thanks Toby and Prue.

    Toby: Today just wasn't my day... I'm recovering from a cold so I made a few silly mistakes today... One involving the polarizing filter, but lets never speak of it again... Cici was all up for getting down and dirty though, which really made the shoot work. She has an amazing body which I focused on. At the end we got chatting about traveling and how she is heading up to Queensland shortly... lucky girl! I could really go some sun right now!

    Violet & Jamie-Lee GGT3 256-020 to 036

    Toby: Ok, here gos another T3 for Jamie-Lee and Violet!!! This time together!!! This shoot was always going to be great and it is by far one of the most creative T3s, the girls got into some really mad positions and did some things I haven't seen before. The subtleties were great, like their use of tongues and the force they used. I hope I captured it well. On some of these wilder shoots its hard to know when to interfere and ask them to do a movement again, the mood is so good and there is a real risk of breaking it. Its something we take very seriously, shooting here at AW.

    Prue: Now i dont know how many of you have seen an atom bomb go i saw a few by the names of Violet and Jamie-Lee they were the bomb!! Today i had a little trouble with my camera near the last five minutes of the orgasm fest but dont worry Emmalee caught it. Hot day with some hot ladies!

    Emmalee: Wow.. creative on screen lovemaking! Violet and Jamie-Lee were great together! Their energies fused and erupted. It was fairly short and sweet but action packed. Great shoot, well done on cutting loose. Their entwined skin looked great on the pink sheets too!

    Danielle K Solo GGT3 256-037 to 042

    Patience: I was pleasantly surprised with Daniella K's shoot today. It was just like hanging out with a mate. She really made me laugh throughout the video telling me about her fantasies with Kurt Cobain and alike. I have feeling we will be seeing more of her as well.

    Toby: I got to this shoot in a bug rush and I feel kinda bad that it was only halfway through the shoot that I discovered what a cool person Danielle is. We chatted about boobs and dancing, boyfriends and bands... it was a great way to spend an afternoon. Danielle also showed me her vibrator, which is kinda similar to one we shot with the dildo drive a few weeks back...

    Fotina & Violet GGT3 256-043 to 079

    Toby: Woah, that was intense! These guys were a breeze to shoot. They are so comfortable with being shot that I could interrupt them for lighting changes and have them do stuff again for me to get a better shot, and it didn't break the mood or slow down their rhythm at all! They were really creative too, doing some things that I haven't seen before, which is saying something because I have seen a lot of Girl-Girl sex.

    Prue: Rock and Roll ladies! These two were perfectly matched they are equally as hot as one another plus energy wise. It was hard to keep track of who was pushing who around. Very hot ladies. I believe Violet taught Fotina a few things....Violet proves that you dont just have to mouth to satisfy the ladies....a foot..or knee will do too!

    Emmalee: These girls rocked the house! Two exotic ladies who blew each other away. They were incrediably similar in nature, energies and temprement. Both firey and dominant. The shoot went really well and we all had a good laugh at the end! I especially liked the after interview...

  • Fri 18th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Greta & Violet GGT3

    255-001 to 037

    Toby: Oh my goodness!!! This shoot was amazing! Even I was flinging my clothes off from the heat that these two were putting out! This may be Greta's last shoot with us for a while, she is off overseas for a working holiday, I'm really going to miss her, its nice having another Perth girl here in Melbourne to stir things up! Violet really made Greta's last shoot a good one and although the room was tiny I got some amazing pictures. We even got off to a typically romantic beginning... Awww.

    Prue: HOT! Can you believe they are both pisces...that is why there is so much chemistry between these two. I could hear the moans coming from outside the door when Toby was shooting. They couldn't eat their lunch quick enough because they were so excited to get into the video. Emmalee and i shot today which was great and we moved well and i think our technique will only get better the more we do t3's......yep more lady love hey?

    Emmalee: These girls were hot respectively, and hot for each other! The shot went smoothly and again passed in the blink of an eye. It was great to do another T3 shoot, back to back, in tandom with another videographer. It allows me to get the flow and rhythms that are involved. Hard to do a bad shoot with two gorgeous models!

    Adora: Blushing with pride - Prue and Emmalee shot the video of these two fab chicks, and what a great job they did too! I reckon Greta and Violet would have gone off, cos they were so into each other before the shoot started, chemistry galore. I was only overseeing the proceedings today though, but I could certainly hear them having a blast!

    Indiana & Jilly IM

    255-038 to 112

    Patience: My god. Talk about fucking hot...Jilly and Indiana just raised the bar. I want to tell you all about what happened cos I'm so psyched about it, but I fear it will give too much away. I'll tell you that when these two finished they were snuggling and kissing and just generally being cute, aw. Look out for Indiana cos' she's hell bent on doing some Girl-Girl action for AW (maybe her and Jilly?)

  • Fri 18th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 255 is up today!

  • Fri 11th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Petria Video Newsletter 254-001 to 020

    Patience: Always learning new stuff here at AW is the best, especially when you have models like Petria to work with - quote of the day 'Patience fluff up my green!'

    Greta & Melita GGT3 254-021 to 093

    Susie: I think it's time for me to stop saying "I'm never shooting again!" cos it just ain't true. Was great to see lovely Greta today (she's one of my faves!) and of course she got to pop Melita's GG cherry with a hot scene on a leather couch...sweaty! Good work ladies!

    Toby: Awww two of my favorite models getting it on. These guys did a great job today, Greta guiding Melita through her first tier 3. Shooting with Susie was fun too, it hasn't happened for a while so it was good to go back to the old days. I tried something a little different with the lights today, I opted to light the kitchen as a subtle backlight, rather than going hard with the light in the corner the way I usually do. The effect was good, and makes the environment more tangible... but then who's looking in the background huh?!

    Emmalee: Did my 2nd GG today and it went so quick! It was a good shoot, with fun raw energy. I also had the guidence of Suzie who seems to know whats coming next! hmm. The girls looked great and so was the shoot. Hot

    Sue-Ann IM 3 254-094 to 111

    Patience: I got the help of Abby today, we had a cool back light shining through these cool glass doors. It was interesting to see how she does things...and Sue-Ann, well when Sue-Ann is on, she is on!

  • Fri 11th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 254 is up today!

  • Fri 04th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Mandy M & Kiki IM 

    253-001 to 016

    Sky: Kiki is a great model very sensual and sweet. She is a quiet achiever. This girl knows whats hot and really proves it in this video.

    Prue: Kiki and Mandy both have a ball of sexual energy bubbling inside them....they show alot of it in the video but there is so much more of it to come!

    Chloe B & Sue-Ann GGT3

    253-017 to 032

    Susie: What an afternoon! After all the fishing boats had passed the island a few times we finally got down to business with this super-hot Tier 3. This one has been a long time in the making and both girls were very ready to get well amongst it, which is pretty much what happened! I don't think I've ever seen anyone orgasm standing up, but our trooper Chloe managed it in style, and then had to quickly sit down - I think the heat combined with the orgasm was too much for her!

    Melinda & Cleo IM

    253-033 to 051

    Patience: The word on the street was that these two ladies had been flirting on the boards of late, so we here at Abby land decided to get them together for an intimate moments shoot. They got a long like old buddies and did really well today. It was a pleasure.

    Julia B & Sahara GGT3

    253-052 to 059

    Toby: I had to do a bit of shifting in this room, moving junk out so I had room to race around like a wild thing trying to shoot these guys. Julia B and Sahara did a great job, they have both done a couple of T3's each now, so they are seasoned professionals! heehee! The lighting worked well for this shoot, often getting in for the deeper shots is a bit tricky, but the girls were great and had a good understanding of letting the light in but still getting into the shot.

    Emmalee: Today I shot my first T3. I thought the girls performance was very sensual and they both had good energy. Especially Julia B as she really knows what she is doing. The room was quite small and my hand got stressed from holding the camera steady for nearly an hour. It was nice to just focus on shooting rather than directing as well.

    Prue: wow what a sensual smooth loving day...well in the bedroom it was. We had a few technical issues with the camera's but we pulled through. It was a great shoot and this time i was on camera one and Emmalee was on camera 2. Good energy and great shoot

    Sahara Solo 3

    253-060 to 097

    Toby: Ahh Sahara, I'll miss you. Today was Sahara's last shoot, she has such a great attitude and did such a great job while she was here that it was sad to say goodbye. She went out with a bang though, doing such a good job, it was a good thing too, because after such a long week, I'm pretty spent. I lit with the video lights today, something that I haven't actually done before, but it was quite a nice effect that I'm sure I'll reuse. Thanks Sahara!!!

    Prue: Oh what an easy day with the lovely Sahara and sadly the last day. She will be flying home to the USA...sob sob...she did a wonderful lotion video that was sensual and enjoyable to watch...i decided to capture it in an unusual way for backstage pics.....creativity was just flowing today...Thanks Sahara for being a beautiful model and person i hope we see you again in down under!!!

    Emmalee: Today's shoot with Sahara was awesome. I think the best lotion video I have done so far. Her energy is so sensual and her body in some shots looked like a landscape. The lighting conditions were ideal and highlighted her skin beautifully. All in all she was superb.

  • Fri 04th Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 253 is up today!

  • Thu 03rd Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Sexy dark skinned Priya, tanned blonde Leandra and big breasted friend of Nichole, Natalja are ready to go for a movie night in this fun and erotic girl girl video. Alternative Asian Twyla also joins the fun, looking hot in her glasses and long socks. The girls chat about all things sexy and about their movie options when Twyla ducks off to the toilet. Although she doesn't want to go to the toilet, she has other more sexual ideas and masturbates while the other girls are talking in the next room.

    Full of sexy dialogue, playfulness and tension. Watch to find out who sneaks off to kiss who and all the flirting and girl talk you always wished you were privy too.

  • Wed 02nd Feb 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Movie night with the girls; it sounds good before you've even seen the first image and it really does not disappoint. I don't really know how much of the film actually got watched but these four really couldn't keep there eyes off one another. Starting off with innocent flirting and seductive playfulness Priya, Leandra, Twyla and Natalja entwine themselves on both the floor and sofa of the apartment. The sexual tension gets built up too much for Twyla and she sneaks out of the room, and into the bathroom to relieve herself of some pent up sexual energy, only to get caught in the act by Natalja!

    Priya and Leandra also start to feel the need to blow off some steam and drag each other into the kitchen, where they feverishly start to take the remaining items of clothing off each other. Priya's dark slim body perfectly compliments the smooth light skin of Leandra as the rub up against each other, grabbing each others breasts.

    Back in the room it's three to one, with the Natalja the only one with any remaining clothes, but it doesn't take the other girls long to make it a solid 4 out of 4! It's an action packed shoot with a beautiful mix of gorgeous girls.

  • Fri 28th Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 252 is up today!

  • Fri 28th Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Jilly & Patience GG

    252-001 to 008

    Toby: What a great way to wind up the week! Jilly and Patience did a great job on this much anticipated tier 3, they had both traveled from interstate to shoot today so the pressure was on a bit, but after a few lighting dramas we were off. Suzie tried her best to avoid seeing Patience nude, and Patience did her best to avoid being seen! We all got off to a nice early start and the day went quite smoothly for Susie's last shoot!

    Sky: Patience and Jilly are sexy and passionate ladies! They were hot and intimate and needed no encouragement to enjoy each other completely. They are both in town for us and we thank them and are happy to work with them. Jilly and Patience have been wanting to do a Tier 3 together for several months so the anticipation and build up made for a sensual shoot. They said they are going to get married now!

    Susie: What a day! My little sister finally gets together with her dream woman Jilly. She's been going on and on about this for ages, itw as great to se ethem finally get it over with! Although I was there setting up and making sure things run smoothly, I really have no idea how the shoot went. Though, judging by the smiles on the girl's faces this afternoon - I'd say it went swimmingly! 

    Jilly & Nadine GG

    252-009 to 030

    Toby: Hmmm a new lighting technique today and a rather nervous Toby... I struggled with the white balance in this shoot somewhat, even though I set it to tungsten light it has still come up rather yellow... I paid special attention to making sure there was always a nice blue sheen coming in from the window in this shoot, and there are some shots which really nicely separate Jilly and Nadine from each other. Today was my first experimentation with consistent light in a Tier 3 and provided i can get that white balance problem down pat, it'll be a great new technique to add to my box of tricks!

    Prue: sexy sexy ladies! these two beauties go for it on a blue couch and i took backstage photos happily because these two really enjoy themselves. Jilly has those deep green eyes that give that bedroom beam, while Nadines lips pout and move when she is enjoying herself. Guys i really found it hard to hold myself back and not join it....its a must see!

    Sky: Jilly marry me! Nadine and Jilly are two passionate ladies! They really were hot I must admit! I really enjoyed getting amongst this one. Especially when they came so many times they couldn't count! So sexy!

    Viera Solo

    252-031 to 036

    Toby: Viera made today a breeze, and she was the best part of today by far. We got the lighting in the bedroom set up and went a bit nuts. Viera is certainly not shy, and she twisted and distorted her body into a billion different positions, all of which were captured by my trusty Canon. We headed out the back for a drink and some sunshine, where I picked up the camera again, and shot off a few, I just couldnt help it! she is so pretty!

    Sky: I really enjoyed this shoot. Viera was a pleasure to work with. Sweet, sensual and sexy. She moved like a dream and I only needed to direct her minimally because everything she was giving me was so beautiful. Viera really turned it on for the camera thank you Viera it was great to work with you.

    Anneke & Jilly GGT2

    252-037 to 050

    Patience: I didn't actually get to be up close and personal for this shoot, though I could see from a far all the commotion. I think Sue-ann had about as much fun as Jilly and Anneke.

    Susie: Well, it went something like this...

    Carlee: Hey, we should do a T2 of these two girls.

    Susie: Sure, lets do it.

    Anneke & Jilly: yeah!

    Sue-Ann: Can I shoot it the video?

    Susie: Sure!

    Carlee: Right, lets get started! -> shoot starts ->

    Susie: Sue-Ann! Watch the video camera NOT the models! It's practically in the water...and you are only holding it with one hand cos the other one is trying to grab Anneke's boobs - argh! 

    Chloe B & Violet GGT2

    252-051 to 069

    Susie: Anneke shot some video for this shoot, and she does a great job of course - having had some practise before! It's great getting the models involved in the actual production side of things, they not only gain a greater understanding of our jobs but the backstage pics of them shooting are so cute! CHloe B and Violet did such an awesome job of this T2.5 that the next day we shot a T3 of them in a truck!

    Janis Solo

    252-070 to 079

    Nico: Janis is a country girl to the heart. In the beginning she was quite nervous and shy, but then once she had her clothes off she was bouncing off the walls...or tree's rather. Originally we were going to use a toy for this shoot, but Janis had never used one before so she was a bit nervous she might not like it. I reckon if she we shoot her again she'll be ready for it...

    Vicki Solo 2

    252-080 to 090

    Emmalee: Vicki is a very easy going lady and very easy to work with. She is relaxed with her body and managed to do a dildo drive and lotion video with me today.

    Toby: Its been a long day, thankfully today I was shooting with Vicki who decided to ramp it up a little with her second shoot and try a dildo out. I used only one light to light this set, and I think it was a pretty good choice, sometimesher at Abbyland, shooting in little student houses is a bit restrictive lighting wise, so its great when we get away with using minimal gear. Thanks Vicki!

    Mandy M Solo

    252-080 to 090

    Toby: When I first saw the yard out the back I was very excited, its your perfectly typical Aussie backyard. Mandy was such a cutie, she brought some great clothes and we ended up shooting her out by the hills hoist (clothes line). The sun was blaring down and creating some pretty harsh shadows, so we set up a white sheet between two light stands to bounce in some fill light. It would have been perfect but the wind kept on blowing the stands over and I nearly got hit a few times by falling stands! Thanks to Mandy I didn't though, she kept on leaping over and grabbing them before they got my head! Great shoot, fantastic model!

    Emmalee: Today was quite a wait in the sun until the workman next door finished for the day. The sun was shining and spring is really here. When we did finally get to shoot, it was a classic Aussie backyard scene and Mandy is such a great, spontaneous model. Although we were loosing light quickly, the shoot was short and sweet but good, and I would like to work with her again! Prue: Sexy Mandy!! I had a great time shooting her double im that i couldn't wait to be apart of her solo video in the backyard

    Claire M Solo

    252-091 to 101

    Toby: I love it when models have really interesting Jobs... I just want to spend the whole shoot talking to them about what they do. Claire is an animal trainer for movies and television, so we were chatting about all kinds of things like what animals were easy to train (rats) and what animals where hard to train (geese). She did a great job and the patterns in the room are intoxicating!!!

    Emmalee: Claire is a very bubbly and alive person and it was fun shooting her. It was her first time doing nude video and photography, and she handled it really well, got the jist quickly and had an enjoyable day. I found her to be very expressive and the process was good for her. All in all she was great!

    Rosalind Solo 2

    252-091 to 101

    Emmalee: Rosalind has this innocent but guilty look about her. Apart from admitting she is addicted to flirting and sex, she is shy and sweet. It was really lovely working with her again and the shoot went really well!

    Toby: What a great day, Rosalind did a really good job with the toy today, it was quite a strange shape and but she really made it work. The shape allowed her to get into it in ways that I have never actually seen, it looked great on film, and I'm told she wound up her video shoot with an orgasm. Pretty neat stuff. The lighting was a bit of a pain today, there were whole segments of my shoot where I couldn't get the flash to pop, I had to get Rosalind doing some movements over a few times, I have a feeling she didn't mind though.

  • Fri 21st Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Annette P & Greta GG 251-001 to 062

    Susie: What a wonderful Saturday we had! Everything ran to time and we got to see Greta again. Greta is Perth like me and Toby so we can gossip lots. Annette was stoked to get amongst it with her second Tier 3 shoot in less than a week, and they did an awesome job. The light looked pretty, lunch was good - what more could a girl want? 

    Toby: Today had a bit of a cloud over it, certainly not for Greta and Annette and certainly not for the shoot which went great! but it was a bit sad because it was Susie's last Saturday shooting a Tier 3! The Saturdays are by far the most fun, (dunno why) and it'll be really sad that we wont have Susie for a while... The light looked lovely, sunlight really backlit the girls nicely and I messed around with the shutter speed constantly to get lots of backlight but also lots of detail in the pretty clouds outside.

    Sky: Greta and Annette are two lovely ladies! My kind of girls- damn cool chix. Put them together and they look sooooooooooo sexy! Young flawless bodies and sensual minds. Pretty setting, rain on the windows and these girls topped it off making it an awesome and smooth running shoot.

    Paula IM 2 251-063 to 073

    Sky: Paula is a sex kitten. Was great to film the Video newsletter with her last week. And now an IM. I just love women who are super sexy and super comfy in their own skin. Go Paula!

    Susie: I always look forward to shooting Paula, she's a treasure. Models who have done plenty of shoots are always chilled out and take charge of their shoots, making it easier for us shooters! Today Sky came out to play, and from now on she'll be doing alllll the IM shoots. I have total faith that she'll do a fantastic job!

    Deborah Solo 251-074 to 086

    Prue: Deborah is tops! we had her out side in the garden playing around in the trees and mucking around with a giant leaf infront of her bits...gotta love that. I even caught Deb on her phone in the nude on a break....she just never stops working. It was a great day!! Good on you team!Plus on the way home Sky and i stopped into a little store called siren doll for a spot of shopping!

    Emmalee: Deborah is a nature girl! It was great to shoot her outside in her element, in the sun. She told her of her love of nature and animals as she got naked in the backyard! Her personality is very sassy, honest and down to earth. A true beauty and really nice to work with!

    Carlee: Deborah did an amazing job today in the garden. Not only is she willing to get a bit dirty, but she also studies horticulture and was more than happy to get up close and personal with all the plants. I shot with a longer lens than I normally use so I could really make Deborah pop out from her surroundings. Looks great.

    Linnea Solo 251-087 to 089

    Toby: Well what could possibly go wrong... everything, lots, most stuff, did I mention everything? Well yeah, todays shoot was a bit of a mess, one thing that is pretty hard to miss/forget/missplace is Linnea's beauty... theres stacks of that. I eventually chose to shoot under an arch of trees in the backyard, really pretty light, although the dappled effect proved a bit of a pain in the ass, ah well. Cant win em all.

    Giselle Solo 251-090 to 117

    Toby: Today I got to shoot my BEST FRIEND!!! thats right, Giselle and I have been friends for a few years and so I really put a big effort into making her shoot look amazing today (not that I dont with every other girl I shoot) Giselle collects underware and so we made a bit of a big deal of that, she was also up for quite a high level of posing that I don't often get to shoot... Her shoot came up last minute and she had spent the night at my house last night so it was such a surprise to see her rock up up this morning at work!!!

    Emmalee: Giselle is a stunner! You should see the impressive collection of stockings, lingerie and classy garments in her draws. She also looks amazing in them too, Graceful and well... pretty damn fine! She sure has some tales to tell, and we found out that as much as she loves to dress up.. she also loves to undress..! An alluring personality with great moves and style.

    Prue: Giselle is one classy lady! Why is she classy because she looks for the finer details in life and for the secrets under ladys clothes. She likes to wear lace underwear with old fashion pantyhose. She has beautiful dark hair with loose curls and beaming green eyes that dance when she giggles. At the last minute Giselle decided to change her level of posing and went all the way. She even pee's! Gotta check this out!

  • Fri 21st Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 251 is up today!

  • Fri 14th Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Liz Solo 250-047 to 058 Emmalee: The shoot today was really a pearler! Liz looked stunning and sensual with her red dress, white blonde hair and green eyes. True class and lovley skin. The colours worked well in an old wooden house with velvet green curtains. Very inspiring and sexy..! Prue: Liz o rama what a sensual lady. We had her chilling out in her family home while she rested up reading a book...we cruised around her hot body. Skin like a doll and cute pink nipples.Very sensual and very sexy! Toby: Today I went just a little experimental. I let the window provide much of the light and white balanced to the red head providing a nice soft glow through the soft box. I think the effect is rather pretty, not sure if Abby will dig it but I guess I'll never know if I dont give it a chance. Liz did a great job, she is such a pretty girl that there wasnt an angle I could shoot her on that would have looked bad.

    Trish Solo 250-047 to 058 Prue: Trish rocks! She is such a funky chick that loves her body and has a cute beauty spot piercing. She shows us how she plays around in the garden...up the ladder down the ladder. She shows us all of her and gets her fingers wet.Good times Emmalee: Trish is a really cool person who seems to take it all in her stride. She's a very attractive lady with a sense of adventure and likes being in Australia so she can get outdoors...! Not to mention gardening! Her sensuality and good humour made shooting her a pleasure. Carlee: This was my first shoot for Abby and I was a bit nervous. Trish was great though, and we both relaxed once the shoot started. It was an overcast day, perfect for an outdoor shoot, and I really liked the ladder and greenery in the yard. Trish and I had fun working together, which made the day a great start to my new job.

    Gale Solo 250-059 to 063 Toby: Today I was trying out a new lens, Abby's new baby the 85mm. I shot it at 1.2 and lit it with the tungsten light from overhead and the natural light from the glass door coming in from behind. The result is really pretty and I'm happy that I tried something a bit different. Gale has a really natural, effortless beauty, if I could only have got her to laugh a bit more often, I was certainly trying! Prue: Well off to the shops i go hunting around for a 100 watt globe for Toby...Yep what the lady wants she gets. And it looked great Toby shot in the hallway and Gale's natural beauty shined through. She has great big brown eyes that you could get lost in and beautiful dark skin.Gorgeous Gale!

    Annette P Solo 2 250-059 to 079 Sky: Annette is a sweet heart! So sexy and I loved watching her pleasure herself. She is fun, cute and sexy! She told me all about the memorable time she had at her work party fucking on the bar and being watched on the CCTV camera. Prue: Annette the best the women can get! What a hottie. She tells us all about her good time on a teir 3 with Lacey and how she thought she went with her first time at munching the ruby rug. Annette also lets her fingers do the walking all the way to a mind exploding orgasm. Sky and i had a great day filming this little joy. Thanks Annette!! Carlee: I was hoping to shoot Annette on a nice comfy bed, but we decided on a nice comfy chair instead. Annette had a fun time swiveling around on it and I had a great time working with her.

    Lisa-Marie Solo 250-064 to 079 Toby: Well Lisa-Marie and I got off to a bit of a slow start today. I really struggled finding a good spot to shoot her, she was such a cutie I just wanted to do so much! in the end we just decided to hang on the back porch, it was so hot and we were both in really lazy moods so we just rolled around on the porch, taking photos and laughing. Great way to spend an afternoon! Prue: The first thing Lisa-Marie said to was when do we start i just wanna get naked. Thats what i like to hear fun girls that just cant wait to get their gear off. The hot German has a great body with full boobs and a great tan...keep an eye out for those tan lines very nice! Sky: This German girl knows how to move! Lisa-Marie is sexy, sensual and curvacous. She is in Australia to learn more about sex from experienced older men! So far she says she has learnt a lot about taking it slowly and enjoying every minute. And she is not afraid of the odd one night stand. Sexual liberation bring it on!

    Carolyne Solo 250-080 to 091 Toby: Some steps posed an interesting and exciting shoot prospect for me and Carolyne today, The spot worked perfectly for the dildo shots, and got Carolyne into some interesting up-skirt type positions... which is always a good thing!the lighting was pretty neat too, a window that I kept out of shot provided some neat blue highlights on railings and some boobs too! Sky: Carolyne is a sexy natural blonde with great big amazing E cup breasts and they are just incredible! She even has naturally blonde pubes and eyebrows. Carolyne wasnt sure if she could come for the camera but once she got hold of her new pink dildo she was cuming in no time at all. Very sexy Prue: Sweet Carolyne boom boom boom..this saucy lady on the stairs takes up step by step around her wonderful body. Great blue eyes with the classical blonde hair. Carolyne tells me that blondes have more fun and she sure did show me how with her new toy. A great big pink dildo that vibrates so silently that the only thing you can hear, is Carolyne coming!!!

    Melinda Solo 2 250-092 to 102 Toby: Well today I met someone who loves stripes as much as I do, and as soon as I had chosen a fantastic little spot with an awesome stripy bean bag, Melinda shows me her clothes and they were all stripes! We couldn't have clashing stripes so I had to pick something plain. Melinda is one of these girls who buys a few of the same thing, if she finds one top she likes she'll get it in about 3 different colors. That kind of shopping is a sign of an organized mind (Says me!). Prue: Melinda is such a cute button and a joy to work with...thats why she is back guys for her redux! Toby started the day with some bean bag fun. Melinda's cute boobs jumping all over the place...and if that wasnt enough exercise for one day Sky got in on the action and we had Melinda doing gymnastic moves. This showed off her fab figure and cute large pink nipples.....thanks for a fun day! Sky: Great to see Melinda again and hear what she has been up to since I last saw her. She is a delicate sweet little flower coming to bloom on Lovely

  • Fri 14th Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 250 is up today!

  • Fri 07th Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Roberta G Solo 249-001 to 012 Toby: Roberta, Roberta, Roberta. They say all backpackers do is drink and have sex when they come to Australia, and it was certainly true in Roberta's case today... She even moaned "I'm never gonna drink again". Poor thing. Once in front of the camera she came alive though, she has the prettiest smile that I have seen for a while. I shot her under the sun on a swing, probably not the best for her tummy, but she looked amazing.

    Prue: Roberta looked a bit sheepish this morning after her wild night at her backpackers hostel but she pulled through and gave us a swinging time. Toby shot her on this wonderful swing and she did some tricky moves. Beautiful smile and a lovely tanned body from the Australian sun. All the best Roberta on your journey around Australia!

    SKY: On a hangover the sun is no good. And unfortunately we had her out in the sun today! I knew we were keeping her out of bed. But Roberta turned it on for the camera. The swing lifted her in2 the heavens and she moved around like a true star. Bloody backpackers!

    Estella Solo 249-001 to 012 Toby: Good job Estella! In true Scottish fashion we asked Estella to wear tartan panties in her shoot today, actually she asked us if she could wear them. She did an awesome job, rolling round, doing the splits, sticking her legs in the air showing me some "moves". I had a bit of a cold today, but shooting Estella was certainly worth dragging mysel

    SKY: Estella is a lovely girl to work with! Great at taking direction and a lot of fun! Wearing reading glasses and tartan panties this Scottish lass is horny and cheeky! out of bed for.

    Prue: Estella was and is fantastic! She was up for everything. Sky was shooting questions here and there everything from Scotland to can you do the highland fling. We had her hoping all over the lounge room, lots of boob wabble! I thought after that busy session that she deserved a kinda surprise...thats right a kinda surprise!..dont worry no one else was left out. I got all my lovely ladies a kinda surprise and they opened them up and ate all the choccie and then put there brand new toy together.We all had a great day!

    Peggy Solo 249-013 to 024 Toby: The whole shoot with Peggy, her face felt very familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it, I narrowed it down to some Australian actress, but I still cant get my head around who. odd. Penny is damn hot, and has a really strong seductive thing about her. She slunk around the lounge in not very much at all this morning, and did an awesome job of the stills. She tells me that she was only interested in posing up to open leg, but then when she got into it, we went all the way up to using a dildo.

    SKY: Peggy Peggy oh my Peggy Sue Miss NZ was a lovely chickadee 2 work with. Sexy, cute and pireced ohh la la! She loved her new blue dildo so soft and flexi. Peggy have fun with ur new toy!

    Prue: Peggy is such a traveller. I love her sweet New Zeland accent and i giggled like a little girl when she said six...that sounds like sux...hehe she has a great body with nice boobs and a nipple piercing. She also gets to test drive a blue dildo on her brown couch. Good times

    Nadine Solo 2 249-025 to 033 Toby: Aww, look at these two. As usual Nadine put in a massive effort on todays shoot. Especially since she had a big night the night before and shooting her on such a snuggly bed was just too much temptation. She was pretty excited about her impending tier 3 we are shooting tomorrow. I'm certainly looking forward to it too. The room being so blue provided a bit of a white balance challenge for me, but I think I made the right decision. I hope Abby agrees when she reviews my shoot later... Eek!

    Prue: Nadine always does a great job! She glows from the inside out. Her cute smile matches her cute boobs. We had her testing out the strenght of her new bed...bouncing and banging around. Then Toby came in for some happy snaps of her rolling around under her sneaky bed curtain. Nadine your a star!

    Emmalee: What a hottie is Nadine. I was impressed with her confidence and professional attitude. She certainly delivered a good job! Possessing a great body, with strong vitality and a hint of cheekiness! She played around with some blue see through fabric and flashed those bedroom eyes of hers. She's a great model that seems up for anything!

    Nadine & Theresa 249-034 to 046GG Susie: Wooo! I have missed Theresa, its great to see her back again. Both of our darlings had a wonderful afternoon together, and Toby and I had a tops time too. We also shot a brand spankin' newbie today, so it was a busy one. Keep an eye out for this Tier 3 and also our spunky new girl Vivian!

    Toby: when I looked up the weather on the web this morning I knew we were in for trouble. It was supposed to be 34 degrees and cloudy. Tier 3's when its hot and sweaty are fun, but oh my are they exhausting. Susie came out of the room dripping with sweat and we had to take a (reluctant) break in the middle of shooting just so Nadine and Theresa didn't pass out!. The heat didn't deter Nadine and Theresa though, they did and amazing job.

    Vivian Solo 249-034 to 046 Toby: Shooting on a Saturday is pretty cruizy. I don't know why, but they always seems to have a much more laid back vibe to them. Today was no exception. Vivian and I chatted throughout her shoot about lots of stuff. We took our time and had a bit of a laugh, a great way to spend a Saturday at work.

    Emmalee: Shooting Vivian was a pretty relaxed venture. She was certainly a model with honesty and sweetness! Being very tall (challenging to fit all of her long legs into the lens), she was softly spoken and we managed to work well together. She is a very sensual and gentle creature.. becoming more at ease as each minute passed!

    Tara M Solo 249-047 to 058 Toby: We caught Tara in the middle of her laundry day today, she didn't bring much to wear (as is often the case with backpackers) so we decided to help her out by shooting her in the laundry. Tara messed around crawling all over the washing machine, we heard a few suspicious cracks so I hope we didn't break anything... got to love the German girls, those big blue eyes!

    SKY: German Babe! We caught Tara in the middle of doing her laundry. All her clothes were dirty so she got them off just for us. Tara has a cute star tattoo and she also told us how much men love her lip ring. She says she gets extra kisses cause of her metal mouth. Hot

    Prue: Cute Tara delighted us today with her hot German accent. We caught her in the middle of a tummble wash.... Toby and Sky caught all the action! Tara has some great face piercing and a cute star tattoo....Today she was the star...great job Tara

    Marissa P Solo 249-047 to 058 Toby: Today I was trying out a new lens, which is pretty exciting for me, but it did pose a few challenges. I shot the stunning Marissa up against a window on a table. It looked really pretty. She has the most lovely freckles and the shoot turned out quite well, it had a lovely whimsical feeling to it. The paper cranes in the background also added a lovely touch of blue, all in all I'm pretty happy with the shoot and very impressed with the job Marissa did.

    Prue: Marissa did a great job today. She has this wonderful glow to her face and body. Toby poped her in a nice area that had natural light flowing through. Toby was very excited to try out her new lense. The video looks like it will turn out well too because we had Marissa dancing around the room with a chinese umbrella while she slipped off her clothes. Her cute body danced in the ambient light. Im looking forward to how it all comes together! Great job guys!

    Emmalee: Marissa P was a natural earthy beauty. Her lovley eyes and manner were charming for the camera. Although a little shy to start, once we got started she opened up and shared a few fun experiences with us! She was backlit with natural daylight, looking gorgeous while she twirled around a chinese umbrella. You should she how good she looks in those little red shorts!

    Lucie Solo 249-059 to 069 Toby: I didn't have quite as much time as I would have liked to shoot Lucie today, but when I saw her cubby house I knew we HAD to shoot in there. It was pretty swishy and the result is very unlike any other shoot I have ever done but the results are pretty neat, and I was really lucky that Lucie really put in and brought her own quirky self to the photos, otherwise my cubby house idea would have sucked.

    Prue: Lucie rocks! Even Courtney love (who i worship!) would be envy of this cool rock chick. We had her strumming her bass on the porch. Fantastic boobs, so full and ripe. WOW...i couldnt keep my eyes off them. She showed us how they wobbled and bounced around when she entertains a crowd. Then Toby got her in this fab tree house for some great photos.....this girl looks hot anywhere!

    Emmalee: Damn is this girl a character! Such a strong personality with a rockin' hot black bass guitar. When she's plugged into an amp. ...look out!! Lucie certainly had something to say. An awesome girl who is passionate about her music, with a cool attitude, who knows what she likes...

    Lee B Solo 249-070 to 079 Emmalee: Today I shot Lee who is a traveller from Germany. She looks like what I would call a typical Berliner. You should see the colour of her hair! It looks great and she gets away with it!!Such a sensual model with natural flow and confidence. A pleasure to shoot!

    Toby: Abby told me to try something new so I did... Luckily I had Lee to help me be all experimental, she did a fantastic job writhing around on the floor, messing around in the door frame and just generally showing off in the best possible way. At the house she was staying at there was a lovely ring necked parakeet that I spent good part of the day talking to, it was such a lovely colour, and spoke multiple languages!

    Prue: I and the girls had a great day with Lee today. We hung out in her private hide away. To see how she relaxes and gets naked. She is a hot German girl who has been travelling around Australia. While she has been here she has picked up a fab tan...which means great tan lines. She is a lovely girl that is proud of her body. She says that she gets that from back home cause everyone goes swimming topless. We should bring in that in world wide i think!! :)

    Mira Solo 249-080 to 088 Toby: I saw Mira as she was coming in for her initial interview and I said to myself at the time "I cant wait to shoot her!". Mira certainly didn't disappoint, she did a fantastic job and was a total breeze to shoot due to the fact that virtually everything she does, from scratching her nose to taking her bra off, is so frickin cute! I tried some new and different things with the camera, managed to catch the last of the morning shade, and shot WAY too many shots (cause everything looked so good!). All in all, a very pleasant shoot.

    SKY: Mira Mira on the wall who is the cutest of them all? MIRA! This girl is oh so naturale! Mira showed us around the backyard and decided to try some nude jogging. Mira has awesome hairy underarms and a cheeky smile.

    Prue: Mira came to the shoot with her earthy ways. She has travelled all around the globe and glows with great beauty. Sky and Toby had no problems shooting her. She has a cute body with cute nipples that have nipple hair! Plus hairy armpits!! Which was great, thanks for a great day Mira!

    Trudy Solo 249-080 to 088 SKY: Trudy is 1 super sexy minx! Body rubbing massaging with body oil hot! This girl was a pleasure to shoot and her body looked perfect from every angle

    Toby: When I got into Trudy's room I felt a bit overwhelmed, everything was so cool!!. I really wanted to try something new due to Abby telling me to experiment a bit more. So I shot Trudy in parts, while she was moving around quite a bit. I'm really looking forward to seeing the edit of the shoot because I think it could be something really special. Trudy has a real twinkle in her eye that made her very easy to shoot, and meant I could pull off the idea without too much trouble at all.

    Prue: Trudy is super sexy! Sky filmed her in the bedroom and she showed us how she gives a sensual massage. She puts baby oil all over her hot body. She has a slim build but large breasts that just look so full and juicy! She seems naughty too cause she loves dressing up in a cop out fit and her fav one is a nurse outfit....she can restart my heart anytime!

    Lacey & Sharee IM 249-89 to 091 Susie: A first Double IM for both Sharee and Lacey today, who tell me they are now off to spend their hard-earned money on some clothes. Good work girls! This is the first IM I have shot in a long while, so it was great to get back into the swing of things. Especially with these two ladies, who just may be up for some Girl-Girl action together after a morning spent naked on a couch together...fingers crossed people!

    Vickie Solo 249-092 to 97 SKY: Vickie is a lovely lady. We shot the video newsletter and a solo video.She has the best range of sexy colourful lacy bras! And glorious large breasts to go in them. She's sporty and super voluptuous

    Prue: It was Vickie's first shoot today and we chucked her into the deep end with the video newsletter to start off the day. We poped her on a lovely but noisy Melbourne tram...she was a little embarressed saying pert boobs and curvy bum. But she nailed it like a pro! Then she got out her large boobs in her solo video and showed her war wonds from netball. Great job Vickie!

    Toby: It was my turn with Vickie today! the video team had her yesterday and today I had her all to myself! we had a good day, nothing special except Vickie made a giant lasso out of her bras! Its fantastic when models bring heaps of different colored stuff. The only downside of the whole day was that we had to take the small car. drag.

    Jamie-Lee Solo 249-98 to 101 Toby: Jamie-Lee and I had a great day on our own today, no video shooters!!! We got off to a slow start this morning, but quickly got moving and shot a great set. Jamie is traveling round Australia and is raising cash to go to WA, which is my and Susie's home town. Jamie-Lee's blue eyes really stood out on camera and I got some really stunning photos. Then back to the office where I saw Jamie-Lee off in the direction of the bagel store. yummy.

    SKY: Jamie-Lee looked great in her sparkly hoodie, and without! Jamie-Lee has a nipple ring thru both her perky breasts. A real stunner with an Irish accent. She told me she loves getting drunk on red wine

    Prue: To be sure to be sure....the luck of the irish. Jamie-Lee is a hottie with cute boobs and a curvy bum. Piercing blue eyes that dance when she moves...very hot

    Kathryn Solo 249-102 to 107 Toby: Kathryn's room was a sm�rg�sbord of interesting stuff! One awesome thing in particular was a massive toy elephants head, we had some fun with that! Kathryn said she found it on the side of the road. What a find! I tried some tricky little lighting setups and generally tried to be more creative (ok Abby!). Kathryn did an awesome job and was such fun to shoot.

    SKY: What an awesome sexy lady! I just loved my shoot with Kathryn. She is 1 hot minx who knows how 2 b sexy and fun all at the same time! A dream 2 shoot. Kathryn is so self aware and confident 2 me there is nothing better. A great day

    Prue: Kathryn is such a sweetie and a big talker. So if you guys want an educational view about what makes this girl tick well this video is for you. She has cute cupcake boobs and a slim body that she is very confident with. Shes fun and flirty and i think she will be up for more fun in the future. She thought Sky and i were hot so i jumped in for a naked bear hug! Kathryn is awesome!

    Sienna Solo 249-108 to 116 SKY: Sienna has 1 fine bod! Watch out for this hotty gents! A great toned stomach and big perky boobs check out Sienna cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Pancakes are yummy especially when Sienna prepares them in the nude. A french mademoiselle oh la la!

    Toby: As soon as I saw the massive arch dividing the kitchen from the lounge I knew I just had to do Sienna's shoot beneath it. We set up a light back lighting her quite nicely and then she set to work weaving and crunching her body into some crazy positions. Sienna has the most amazing breasts! I've seen a lot of boobies in my time but I was pretty mesmerized by these ones. I think I went a bit nuts on the boob shots but meh, they were worth it.

    Prue: Sienna the hot french lady can shake and bake! She showed us around the kitchen and made some pancakes. All that flour made a mess so we ha d get her clothes off her quick smart....which was great cause Sienna has the most amazing boobs ive ever seen! Sky couldnt get enough of them so she got her to do some sit ups and stretches just to get the seventh wonder of the world bounce. Nice!

    Eileen Solo 249-117 to 122 Toby: Today was awesome, Eileen is an incredible models with some really exotic good looks that made her so much fun to shoot! She really put in, I haven't had a model flirt with the camera the way Eileen did today, she made the shoot such a pleasure. Whats even better is that it started to rain! we were shooting on the balcony and it just started pouring, Eileen leaned over the balcony to catch some drops in her mouth. Amazing model + great shoot = happy Toby.

    Prue: Today was great we had a hot model that could chat away and move like a goddess. After a while I could see that she was a striking resemblance of Angelina Jolie with those wild eyes and pouting lips. She is petite but tough as you can see from her scar on her leg. If she wasnt hopping around on her crutch then she was spurting out shakespear.....a must see!

    SKY: Eileen was fabulous to work with! Great at taking direction, she is a budding actress. I always love working with professionals. Eileen has a great look and a petite sweet bod. She is confident and very flirty. Super cute!

  • Fri 07th Jan 2011 | Behind the Scenes

    Models and staff members working together behind the scenes to bring you the finest erotic site that they can - that's what you'll see in the Backstage series.

    It's really popular among our members, so be sure to look and see what all the fuss is about. Backstage 249 is up today!

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