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  • Thu 26th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Backstage 316 is as always packed full of beautiful girls having fun behind the scenes of their shoots.

    This week we've got the very beautiful Zora, the fun perfect pair; Odette and Selena in their Intimate Moments shoot and the start of the extremely stunning Spanish Valentina in her quirky red leather sofa shoot.

  • Thu 19th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Following the beautiful, Italian and athletic Violeta in her second solo. Stretching out her beautiful toned, slender body against the soft white of the background she looks absolutely gorgeous. And this view from behind the scenes show even more of her cute, natural and fun personality!

    Don't forget to view her shoot here, and whilst you there take a look at some of the other stunning shoots she and others have done!

  • Mon 16th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Upskirt! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy, unplanned, incidental and just out right awesome Upskirt shots.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Thu 12th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Upskirt! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy, unplanned, incidental and just out right awesome Upskirt shots.

    We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update and any we may have missed!

    We need your suggestions for the next months Editor's Choice!

  • Thu 12th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Janina Solo 2 Charli: Beautiful Janina came back to grace us with her presence today. It's heading fast into winter here in Melbourne so we shot inside by a large window. Dark haired, blue eyed Janina did a magnificent explicit shoot and she looks completely gorgeous. Patience: We had a fun time today in a funky little art studio where we shot Janina. This was her second shoot for us and it looked fantastic. Janina is more of a sensual woman and I really enjoyed working with her. Angie & Shaminee GGT3 Toby: Where do I start with this shoot... AMAZING (if i do say so myself) The girls did an incredible job today. Shaminee really started her tier 3s out with a bang. Angie was spectacular and was super careful to make sure her long flowing hair didn't get in the way too much. The lighting was just stunning, I'd love to tell you how we did it, but its a bit of a secret... Patience: What a day! I was in a grumpy mood this morning and I couldn't figure out why, I still don't know but anyway who cares because today I had the pleasure of shooting such an impressive Girl-Girl session I almost wet my pants, wait I think I did a little. HOT! HOT! HOT! These chick's rock! Angie and Shaminee were so into each other their passion was overflowing and I lost count of how many orgasm's they had. I think Patience orgasmed too! The lighting was so soft and beautiful and the setting of a red couch and 2 red cushion's led to an incredible session...
  • Thu 12th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Angie and Shaminee's fiery, passionate and intense girl-girl, Janina's beautiful second solo and of course all that goes into making these great shoot!

    Go behind the scenes and see how not only these moments are captured but how much fun we all have in the process of doing so! The girl-girl is packed full of urgent sex as the large breasted Angie and the tall Shaminee devour each other whole with some thrilling anal licking and fingering. Watch the released shoot here now you've peeled back the curtain.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Another stunning backstage set for you to enjoy! There's everything in this one: from beautiful first time solos from Jessica C, Lauren R and Oriel to the amazingly sexy and fun Pillow Fight Girls.

    Don't forget to check out the shoots on the site and of course, look for more you might not have seen in the archive.

  • Thu 05th Apr 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Jessica C Solo Jacki: Sweetheart Jessica was so lovely to shoot today. After the initial nerves died down, she relaxed into it and rolled around on the floor boards in her woolens like it was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Jessica was a bit shy with the camera but things soon warmed up and she took full advantage of her pretty pink toy as she relaxed in the soft light of a second story window. Charli I was chief fleccy (reflector) holder for this shoot, while Jacki shot some magnificent shots of Jessica. While she was shooting Jessica I was shooting Jacki. Ha-ha! Lauren R Solo Charli had a beautiful day with Lauren. It was her first shoot with AW, and after some initial nerves she did a beautiful nude shoot with natural daylight. She did fantastically and is pretty cute too. Jacki: Charli was all over it today, in this shoot with Lauren. With gorgeous natural light flooding through the windows, Lauren's skin glowed. For a first shoot she did smashingly. The natural light in this beautiful ample window location worked perfectly to accentuate Lauren's smooth figure and seductive curves. They were a bit dirty however so Lauren had to give them a clean and prefers to do all her housework scantily clad or starkers. Pillow Fight Girls Toby: Wow. Wow. Wow! Certainly the messiest shoot we have ever shot, one of the funnest too! I had a fantastic time hanging with all the girls today, and getting covered in feathers which get into everything, they are in my hair, up my nose and all through my clothes! We had an unexpected feather explosion, when one of the pillows tore earlier than what we thought it would... but it turns out it looked spectacular and i'm really happy with the pictures. FEATHERS FEATHERS FEATHERS!!!!!! EVERYWHERE I have never seen so many feathers in my life and didn't expect to have so much fun with them. Not sure how I'm going to get them out of my clothes and I'm all itchy post shoot. The girls looked fabulous as they reveled in the floating mayhem and took full advantage of the opportunity to fight it out with pillows. Weren't their jaamies cute as anything as well! We had fantastic feathery fun and frolics in the bedroom today! The girls tore into each other with the pillows and the pillows tore apart, the whole room was delightfully plastered in duck plumage and it got everywhere!! Such fun! Charli: Had the best day at aw ever! All my dreams came true with a pillow fight and naked girls...It was amazing. The lighting was incredible Abby out did herself with it. freakin amazing day. Oriel Solo Toby: Today was there were ups and downs... Firstly, although Oriel is a fine guitar player and rock chick, her pretty features seemed to me, more suited to a prairie or forest rather than her tiny bedroom in a warehouse. I couldn't get and lights set up in there so I went for the seldom trodden Direct Flash route... While the shoot is interesting and Oriel and I had fun with it, I still really want to get her out in the bush... damn Melbourne weather! Oriel is such a cool chic, she loves listening to and playing music and getting naked! Her room was pokey and dark and didnt suit her beautiful young skin but it was where she liked to hang out... She was game enough to show us her mandolin skills which definetly need fine tuning! Corelle Solo 2 Jacki: This was my second time shooting Corelle, and she was as cute as ever. We had her in the nook of a tiny little hide-away bedroom. Curling up in the curvy walls, lazing about on the vintage record player and then onto playing with herself. Corelle is so beautiful. She was just chilling out in her boyfriend's bedroom today and critiquing his CD collection. she discovered a couple of interesting positions in this cramped room and really enjoyed playing with herself...
  • Thu 29th Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Another varied and beautiful backstage set for your viewing pleasure! With appearances from the beautiful Nicole P, the stunning, blonde Alisa and the gorgeous Anastasia & Carly T in their double intimate moments.

    All of these shoots are more than worthy of attention and the beautiful Alisa's is most definitely a must see, so dive back into the vast archive and enjoy!

  • Thu 22nd Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Anastasia IM Anastasia was chilling out on the floor of her bedroom today. With plenty of pillows around to make her comfortable, she got all hot and steamy... Opaline Solo Toby: Happy Birthday Me! I got to spend it shooting the stunning Opaline. She has the most amazing blue eyes ever! They are really captivating. We shot her in full sun and with the use of the flash head today which is a bit different to how we usually shoot outside, but nude only models get me excited (no, not like that...) you can do anything with them! What a sassy dancer Opaline was today! She really knows how to move those amazing hips and shake her gorgeous tooshie to maximum sexy effect. Her dutch accent was deep and sensuous and she loved to roll around in the grass in the beautiful sunshine. We had such a beautiful day!
  • Thu 22nd Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Another great backstage, half indoors with the beautiful blonde Anastasia and her Intimate Moments shoots, and half outdoors in the glorious Australian sunshine with Opaline.

    Surrounded by light the stunning brunette Opaline records her first ever solo, and her slim, tanned body looks absolutely amazing against the lush green of the grass!

  • Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Go behind the scenes on one of the most fun filled shoots in history! The Kitchen Girls shoot. Watching these beautiful girls having fun, getting we, naked, enjoying themselves and doing things in a professional restaurant kitchen that would most definitely get then fired!

    With Mandy M, Cleo, Annalisa and Chanel thrown in together things were always going to get pretty out of hand and crazy.... which of course they did!

  • Thu 15th Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki: What an amazing job these girls did in getting down and dirty in the kitchen. Or should i say getting down and clean. What started out as a little water splashing by two of the girls, soon turned into an all out water fight in this great industrial kitchen. There was no place for clothes in this onslaught. Charli: I am totally jazzed about todays shoot. I've been waiting along time to shoot in Melbourne on a T1. And I wasn't disappointed. The day was fantastic with waitresses in a kitchen having a huge water-fight. Very very sexy indeed.
  • Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Zasha Solo 2 Patience: This is the second time I've had the pleasure of Zasha's company. We shot her on a cool blue chair under a window with great natural light coming through. Toby: Well, what a day! We didn't get off to such a good start today. I lost the keys for the car, with all my gear in it. I had to use Jacki's camera! Patience has also been having a sook all day. blah. Luckily, hanging out with Zasha made both our days really good. Sadly coming back to the office i discovered that my keys are still lost and my gear is still in the car. Hmmm. My first ever shoot and Zasha was so great to work with. She broke me in gently and has such a beautiful body! Thanks Zasha Brooke T Solo 2 Patience: Brooke T is HOT! I tried my hand a 'mood' lighting today, I'm not sure how it went though Brooke is really sexy in front of the camera and could make anything look awesome! Charli: Brooke is a complete hottie she has a very sexy small gap between her front teeth. (sigh) I tried to mood it up a bit today with lighting, making the background quite a bit darker than the foreground I think it worked out. Zora Solo 2 Jacki: Ah Zora! What an awesome spirit to have on set, let alone to shoot. Her warm and bubbly nature really makes the day cruise by, and the best bit is at the end you always get a terrific shoot. She looked beautiful against the old quarry as a backdrop, climbing up and around the rock formations. What a trooper. Zora had such fun bounding over the boulders at the old quarry. She's got such a fantastic figure and is a joy to shoot. All that fresh air felt great and on the way home we passed some Kangaroo's and the wonderful Jacki picked some apples for us all to sink our teeth into! Mmmmmm!
  • Thu 08th Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Backstage 309 is all you'd want from a sneak behind the scenes!, Beautiful models in interesting locations, looking their natural and stunning selves!

    The first shoot we stop in on is Zasha's second solo, then its on to the gorgeous Brooke showing off her amazing body in a great warehouse style location. Then finally we're outside in nature for Zora's sexy second solo shoot.

  • Thu 01st Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Marnie & Narita IM Jacki: What an awesome pairing! The colorings of these girls matched so well and the result were some really gorgeous romantic IM stills. In vintage clothes and on a wooden outdoor bench, this IM really could've been shot decades ago. Very cool. Patience: they would make a cute couple thats for sure. When Jacki was taking the stills, I was thinking how great they looked together and when I quickly previewed their Double Intimate Moment it really showed. They had a great time! Shaminee & Zora IM Charli: Wonderful shoot today in Melbourne, Zora and Shaminee totally fogged up my camera with a steamy double intimate moment. These two babes look totally gorgeous together. Emmalee: These girls were destined to shoot together! Their clothes, long socks, attitude, colours. They got along very well and looked great together, so should be a great shoot! Keira Solo 3 Jacki: What a hottie miss Keira is. This was the first time I had met her and she really did make me 'wow'. Her incredible physique and infectious smile made her a dream to shoot. Keira is getting ready for a night out on the town, but her best friend is late and passes the ensuing time with some self exploration. Luckily the cameras were there to capture it!
  • Thu 01st Mar 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Lots and lots to see, discover and admire in backstage 308! We follow the shooters on set as they prepare for and shoot Marnie and Narita's Intimate Moment outdoors on a bench. Then its over to Shaminee and Zora's Intimate Moment in some very sexy pairs of long socks!

    And to complete the set its the beautiful Keira shooting her third solo.

  • Thu 23rd Feb 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Dallas Solo Charli: we had an amazing shoot with Dallas out in the forest . I have to say she is the cutest, tiny most gorgeous vixen you have ever seen. It was pretty chilly here in Melbourne today I think I just need to acclimatise from Sydney. Jacki: Despite the size of this little lady, there was nothing pint sized about her sass and sexual awareness. In super cold conditions, Dallas turned it on with class and really played up to the camera. The backdrop of the hollow tree made her look like a little pixie. Peta: Dallas was amazing with lots of surprises to draw us in to her special places. She knows what she likes and she's not afraid to reveal! Zora Solo Jacki: From the get go, Zora was a little bundle of positive energy. She was a breeze to have on the set and was lots of fun to photograph. Her awesome body art and the beat up remnants of an old car made for a really interesting shoot. Charli: Got to sit back and watch how this one unfolded today, Zora was so sexy I wished I was shooting. Jacki did an amazing job so I wasn't really needed. Emmalee: This girl got style! Out on a bush location, with funky clothes and an old derelict car, Zora really spiced things up. She is versitile and lovely and endured the cold with a smile! Great shoot.
  • Thu 23rd Feb 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Moving into the woods with two great models for this backstage set, so get involved as Dallas and Zora uncover their beautiful bodies in backstage 307!

    It's great for us to help you all get involved with our shoots, to peel back the curtains and show you just how much effort (and fun) goes into the shoots we are so passionate about.

  • Thu 16th Feb 2012 | Behind the Scenes

    Jacki: Oh my god! This lady was phenomenally gorgeous. She had the most amazing body and the sexual energy to match. I had her undressing in an awesome pine forest and draping herself all over beautiful big rock formations. Was so inspiring to shoot with Chanel and hopes she comes and visits again soon. Patience: What a body! Chanel has the most perfect boobs that I have EVER seen and a body too die for. Everything she did was sexy plus.

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