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Wholesome Claudia S

22 years old. 16 nude shoots. Small breasts.

Shoots featuring Claudia S

Claudia S has played Nude with

Latisha 26, Small pale breasts

Latisha - Small pale breasts

Carmina 20, Puffy nipples

Carmina - Puffy nipples

Alyssa R 27, Porn star

Alyssa R - Porn star

Candice 23, Ginger

Candice - Ginger

Fenna 20, Puffy nipples

Fenna - Puffy nipples

Mina 28, Italian

Mina - Italian

Lulu 24, Slim and petite

Lulu - Slim and petite

Gisela 21, Freckles

Gisela - Freckles

Noa 23, Pale pink nipples

Noa - Pale pink nipples

Caisa 19, Meaty pussy lips

Caisa - Meaty pussy lips

Gloria 28, Raven haired

Gloria - Raven haired

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