May 29, 2006| in this week's abby news:

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Welcome back, all, to the Abby Winters Newsletter. We have a wonderful set of update previews to show you, including a new model, a new IM video, and a new solo girl video (but with a special "extra girl" appearance). It was an especially bright and joyous week in abbyland, with lots of smiling, happy models posing and playing in all sorts of sexy ways, so enjoy!

Also, if you care to get a glimpse at what's to come on the site, the easiest and definitely most pleasurable way to do that is to download our Abby Winters Video Newsletter. It's a relatively small file for all the thrilling images and information you get to view. We also feature our AWVN in this week's newsletter, so scroll down to read all about this tantalizing feature.

And now, our stars of the week...

New Model - Kaitlin - 1 Image Set

O what a treat we have for you this week. One of our three new models is named Kaitlin, and she is quite a wonder to behold. And get these stats - she's 21, from Melbourne, she works at a bookstore, and she loves sailing. Can you imagine a more alluring combination? This girl is very cute and full of a lust for life!

One quick glimpse into Kaitlin's inaugural image set and you're sure to be seriously stunned by her unique charm. She's got multi-colored hair with dark red streaks. She's wearing a black tank top and faded jeans. Around her neck is a wonderful pair of amulets. And on her wrists she's sporting some funky hippy bracelets. O, and did we mention that by her sixth photo she's biting her toes? Very wild, very hot.

And when the clothes come off, Kaitlin truly shines. An adorable newcomer to the site. Welcome, Kaitlin!

New IM Video - Kylie B - 1 Image Set and 4 Videos

It's always nice to be able to preview an Intimate Moments video. IM's are something that abby pioneered, and you
will not find the IM videos anywhere except right here at They're something quite unique about our site, so we're extra proud of them. And when it's an IM starring Kylie B, and she gets out the Big Red Vibrator, well, our pride overfloweth.

This IM, like so many others, takes place in the model's room. Comfortably situated on the floor, leaning against a chair, she opens her legs and begins to play with herself. At first, she just uses her fingers. But then, the big electric toy nearby is too much to pass up, so she gets it going and moves into high gear. Bringing herself to orgasm, she relaxes and sighs with relief. And thanks to our IM method - a model alone in a room with a camera - you're right there with her from beginning to end. Care to join Kylie B on her private love adventure?

New Video - Roxanne (with Randy) - 1 Image Sets and 3 Videos

Okay, so, technically, this is a solo girl video starring the cute and bubbly Roxanne. It's shot by Matilda outdoors, and as Roxanne strips down, Matilda gets her to talk about what German backpackers like to do while trekking around Australia. Soon, however, Roxanne is joined by Randy, and the two models get into a wild fandango of mutual lap dances, each dancing and stripping while the other sits passively enraptured in a chair.

Once the dancing is over, it's time for the girls to sit down and start sharing. What do they share? Well, it's "body compare time." Whose pussy lips are bigger? What are the differences between their boobs? What do they think of their bodies and their orgasms? All in all, it's a very revealing experience for all, but one that our members get to share in!

Featured "Feature" - The Abby Winters Video Newsletter

One of the coolest new features to be added to the site in a long time is our Abby Winters Video Newsletter. It comes out each week and it gives you an actual video presentation of what's coming up on the site. The hostesses vary, though several of them feature the original hostess, Matilda, pictured here.

A sneak peek at some of the content summaries for past installments includes "leg warmers, spectator sports, lots of pyjamas, a tour around the new facilities at AWHQ reveal some new faces amongst the team, strange bras and torn clothes, a daisy chain, tumbling around, cute glasses, big boobs, orgasms to spare, and a blooper!" And there's lots more! Plus each Video Newsletter features plenty of model previews that show you who's soon to appear on the site. So download the Abby Winters Video Newsletter, and get hip to the future!

New Section - Other Sites - New Models

In the end, you join a site for the girls, right? You see a face, you fall in love, and so you shell out and go in. But once you're in, at least with most sites, the number of girls tends to stay the same. That is, very few NEW models are ever added. So your initial thrill of seeing new models quickly wears off, and yet no one steps in to take their place.

Well, guess what? On our site, you get plenty of new models to rekindle your enthusiasm. In fact, we post three to four new models every week! Just this week we posted three new models - Kaitlin, Alana J, and Chelsea A. Yes, we know what you're thinking. That's a lot of new models for one week! And indeed it is, at least compared to almost every other site out there. And when every model is natural and happy and wonderful in her own way, well, you know something good is going on.

Checking out the recent action on the abby discussion boards, we find BigSpud (a frequent poster) asking the models this question: "Why do 99% of the models who wear bras wear them with those stupid wires on the bottom?"

And we find Valerie, one of our models, responding quite thoroughly: "I am fortunate enough not to always have to wear underwire bras. Often I'll just wear a tanktop with a little elastic band and a 'built in' bra thingo. It doesn't offer much support of course, but that's not what Ineed. I need layers to stop my nipples from poking through (they can chafe and bleed or just be sore for days and days) and when jogging of course I wear a sports bra. Underwire bras also tend to give a larger range of styles and types, including fancy lace ones, padded ones (I'll admit to owning a padded push-up underwire Wonderbra heh) and thicker ones to stop nipple pokage. The wire is only uncomfy (for me) if the band bit is too tight."

So come to the abby boards and get the intimate details on model bra-wearing preferences!

And speaking of preferences, here's one:

"I have been a member in many adult sites but this is by far the best. The content seems endless and the girls are attractive without being "made-up" pretty. The custom zip download is a godsend. Keep up the good work." - (happy abby member)

See You Inside!

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