September 26, 2005

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As the seasons begin to turn around the planet, there's one thing that won't go changin' - the fresh faces in hot photos and videos that appear on every day. And this week those fresh faces are especially enticing. We've got the amazing Diana, whose flirting at the camera will have you bouncing in your seat. We've got a Dressing Room series featuring that adorable bouncy brunette, Billie, squeezing on some tight jeans over her perky bum. And the incredibly cute Bridget N is back in a video that keeps no prisoners...all out sensuous filmic honesty coming straight at you through your computer screen.

And THIS JUST IN...if you want to see THE HOTTEST VIDEO abby's ever posted, click here. We dare you not to look...

And if you like photoshoot gossip, click here to find out what model said this recently on the boards:

"I thought i'd put all the twisting and turning to get a good shot behind me, but then Abby made me put my legs behind my head ...twice, or was it three times, and WHAT WAS ALL THAT STUFF ABOUT THE PENGUIN!?!?!?!?!"

'Nuf said. Let's meet the ladies!

Model Redux - Diana - 7 Image Sets, 7 Videos

Diana is back, and she's lovelier, and more confident, than ever. You can't beat it when a model comes back into the light and she starts strutting her stuff with even more energy and panache. But that's what's happening here in this redux post. Diana was made for the camera, and we were made to watch her.

It all starts off sweetly enough, with this brown-skinned beauty sitting on the couch in her skirt and shirt. But then, as the garments start to dribble off, we're left with the Goddess of the Hunt peeling open her blue lace panties (while they're still on) and playing with herself a bit. This, of course, turns into a full-steam-ahead self-tickling session, with all the right results. Come inside and share some private pleasure with Diana!

Dressing Room - Billie - 2 Image Sets

Who would have thought that watching a girl GET DRESSED could be so sexy? Well, leave it up to abby to invent the next generation of nude viewing - naked girls getting unnaked. And if you don't believe that this can be as hot as its opposite, just come take a look at Billie get her mojo (and her pants and shirt) on.

You just can't beat the way small breasts look when they are tucked delicately into a t-shirt. You just can't beat the way panties slide up between the legs, perfectly pouching the pouch of perfection. You just can't the way a tight, round bum looks when jeans go jostling up over its supple cheeks. Yes, my friends. Watching a girl GET DRESSED is a REVOLUTION OF EROTICA!!!

New Video - Bridget N - 2 Image Sets, 2 Videos

Let's just cut the bull and tell it like it is for one moment - Fact is, Bridget N is just one of those girls who, when you see her, you know she'd be a total blast to go to bed with. She's got that amazing smile that says "I know how to have a good time." And she's got that killer body that says "And you want to join me, don't you?" Yes, indeed. It's a match made in cyber-space.

Wearing her favorite diamond ear rings, a pink polo shirt, and a sexy little set of hot shorts, Bridget quickly takes it all off and kicks back on the bed and start playing with herself. And that's where the camera stays, and that's what Bridget does, for as long as it takes to get it right. And get it right she does!

Featured "Feature" - Handwritten Bios

How personal, how intimate, how private can one site be? Well, abby is definitely pushing the envelope in terms of bringing you close to your favorite models by having hand-written bios for her girls. I mean, is there anything sexier than a girl's handwriting? Come on, admit it. You were one of these guys in school when you'd stare longingly at that girl you had a crush on, and she'd be doing her homework, and you'd think "so curvy, so sensuous, so beautiful," you were talking about her penmanship!?!?!

Here's one from Gracie. Here's one from Diana. And here's one from Billie. It used to be "What kind of man reads Playboy?" Well, now it's "What kind of man reads Abby Winters?"

The sultry and sun-drenched Diana peeling away her panties. The plump and pale Billie peeling on her jeans. The bouncy and bodacious Bridget N kicking back for some finger-lickin good afternoon delights. We give you what you want on

I mean, it's gotta be true. READ THIS!!!

"One of the best sites I have ever seen. I don't know how you do it. Usually, with pay sites, I am able to download every photo and video in an evening or two. Your site is going to keep me busy for quite some time." - (abby member)


team abby

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