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  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  girls with glasses
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    Tue 15th Apr 2014Video masturbation: Gretchen & Lotte | Intimate Moments

    Lotte looks up at Gretchen's open legs, watching her stimulate her vagina, as she stands naked above her. Gretchen's whole body shudders with her orgasm and as she shakes, Lotte gently plants a soft kiss on her thigh.
    Gretchen bends forward to straighten the mat on the kitchen floor, her tight skirt stretching across her perfect ass as she moves. "Help yourself, all is yours!" says Gretchen as she invites Lotte to reach out and cup her full breasts, feeling the weight and shape through her clothing. As Gretchen's skirt slides down her legs, it becomes clear she has not been wearing any knickers as the soft tufts of her pubic hair peep out from bellow her long t-shirt. Sinking to her knees, Gretchen strokes Lotte's pale skin, inviting her to touch her pink nipples and soft breasts before they both stimulate themselves to orgasm.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  dark hairy pussy
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    Fri 11th Apr 2014Video masturbation: Zaira (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Sitting at her computer desk, long legged Zaira feels her soft dark skin as she parts her knees slowly.

    She rubs her hairy vulva and moans from pleasure as she orgasms in front of her computer screen. 

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  hairy nude yoga
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    Tue 08th Apr 2014Video masturbation: Marietta & Rosa M | Intimate Moments

    "I've always wanted to do yoga naked..." bending forward Marietta pulls her leg open, her dark full bush visible between her legs as she stretches. Rosa watches Marietta's toned body in awe, preparing to copy the movement.
    Illuminated by the sun from the window, Marietta teaches Rosa some yoga. Bending her flexible body, she demonstrates each move before guiding Rosa through the complicated stretches. Bending forwards their heads almost touch, Rosa smiling at Marietta when she catches her eye. Growing hot Marietta pulls off her t-shirt, revealing her flat muscular tummy. Rosa bends forwards into the 'downward dog', her pink panties visible as she bends. Dropping down into the 'high plank', the curves of her buttocks are revealed as her dress rides even higher up her back.

  • Image of Girl Girl  blindfold
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    Thu 18th Apr 2013One Year Ago: Lesbian Sex: Gina J & Gisela (Stills) | Girl-Girl

    Gisela causes Gina's skin to goosebump her lips to quivering expectantly as she seductively runs the ice very her svelte naked body.

    Passionately embracing the hold each other close, grabbing and stretching to get at the others body. Holding her small, pert breasts Gina watches as Gisela guides her tongue down to her smooth shaved vagina...

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  shower squirting
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    Fri 04th Apr 2014Video masturbation: Amber L | Intimate Moments

    A torrent of vaginal liquid squirts from between Amber's legs, echoing around the shower as it spills onto the tiles. 

    Amber pulls her dress over her sexy curves, revealing her hour glass figure. Her hands stretch up as she washes her hair, making her breasts bounce and jiggle with her movements. Using more shampoo she rubs into her dark full bush, till it it is frothy and white. Only when her body is clean does she put her flexible leg on the side of the cubicle and start to sexually explore her body.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  standing upright together outdoors
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    Tue 01st Apr 2014Video masturbation: Gia & Lucie L | Intimate Moments

    Their hands squeeze at their partners’ breasts, as orgasmic waves rip through their naked bodies. Each young woman rubs into her exposed vulva with her spare hand; whilst standing against a tree, they intimately touch.

    Lucie's white dress swings as she leans against the tree talking with Gia. The bottom half of the dress is transparent, offering tantalizing flashes of her soft thighs. Gia's fingers tease Lucie's dress lower, revealing startling white tan lines. With a second tug, a smiling Lucie bares her large breasts and quickly encourages Gia to strip off as well, exposing a dark full bush between her legs!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  nude against the window
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    Fri 28th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Mina | Intimate Moments

    Mina's large breasts spill from her dress, their round tops firm and high as she sinks a pen into the flesh, testing the sensation on her skin. 

    With the light from the window illuminating her feminine body, Mina explores her senses. Using a pen, she teases at her nipple through the fabric of her dress, slowly warming her body up for more. With her bare foot resting on the window ledge, she slips from her dress, running her hands over her soft thighs and sinking them inside her underwear.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  girlfriends bathing together
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    Tue 25th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Saskia & Tahlia J | Intimate Moments

    'Maybe you can show me how you come?' Saskia and Tahlia's knees gently bump together as their naked bodies splash around in the bath tub. Running her fingers along her perfect shave job, Saskia demonstrates how she stimulates herself in private, giggling as her long legs slip from beneath her, sending her sliding back into the water.
    'What do you do in a bath?' Saskia reaches for a towel to wipe the water splashes from her glasses. In a sea of rubber ducks Tahlia and Saskia share intimate stories, questioning one another about how they like to masturbate. Despite the warm water, Saskia's nipples grow hard on her small breasts, as she shares an intimate story with Tahlia. Rising from the water they masturbate, Tahlia looking up at Saskia while rubbing into her full bush.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  wind against naked skin
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    Fri 21st Mar 2014Video masturbation: Gia (Video) | Intimate Moments

    Gia's fingers tease at her shirt, massaging her firm breast through the fabric. Her hand reaches inside, teasing at her nipples as her excitement builds. 

    With the sun reflecting off the water beside her, Gia finds shelter in the shade of a tree. She quenches her thirst, her sticky knickers just visible upskirt as she rests. Her fingers trace across her top, letting in the warm breeze as she exposes her breasts. Her fingers drop lower and soon she is exploring her full bush outdoors, in nature.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  sucking her finger
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    Tue 18th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Adelle & Twyla | Intimate Moments

    'Hold me!' Twyla's legs buckle beneath her as she orgasms, her body collapsing down onto Adelle. She looks up to her partner, kissing her deeply on the lips. 

    'I'm going to make you take off your clothing very soon'. Twyla pulls Adelle towards her by her belt, their glasses almost touching as she slowly pulls Adelle's crotch onto her well placed knee, stimulating her through her clothing. 

    Twyla pops one of Adelle's long delicate fingers into her mouth, sucking on it as Adelle's other fingers rub into her own pubic hair. With reluctance Twyla lets the finger slip from her mouth so she can take off her own knickers, revealing her dark full bush

    'How wet are you now? ..... can I suck your fingers again

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  foot twitching orgasm
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    Fri 14th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Lona | Intimate Moments

    Lona's fingers rub into her pubic hair sending ripples across her full breasts. The sound of her natural wetness echos around the room, as her fingers disappear into her opening. 

    Laying on the sofa, Lona's fingers tease through her long hair. Her breasts push together slightly as she brushes her hair, her knickers visible upskirt as she works. Slowly she removes her clothing to reveal her pale skin, her nipples already hard and excited under her bra as she removes it. Nude, she lays back and spreads her labia apart, sliding the handle of her hair brush deep inside herself building to foot twitching orgasm.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  climaxing together
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    Tue 11th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Latisha & Lucie L | Intimate Moments

    Latisha watches as Lucie exposes her large pert breasts from under her white dress.
    Talking about their sexual fantasies and fascinations with other women's bodies they watch each other as they start to masturbate. Describing the feeling and differences between their two contrasting bodies they both reach orgasm!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  anal stimulation
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    Fri 07th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Renae D | Intimate Moments

    Red pubes frame Renae's vulva, the sticky clicks of her natural wetness filling the air, as she inserts her fingers. 

    The light from the window drops a gentle pool of light onto the tops of her breasts and her fingers tease at the neck line of her dress. Agonizing seconds pass, as she undoes each button slowly, and slips a hand inside to her inverted nipple. Reaching into her bag she pulls out her toy and not only stimulates her red full bush but also her anus

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  nipple sucking
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    Tue 04th Mar 2014Video masturbation: Bisera & Juliette M | Intimate Moments

    'You like that?' Juliette pops Bisera's small nipple into her mouth, suckling on it till Bisera moans her answer. The whites of Julette's eyes sparkle behind her glasses as she witnesses Bisera orgasm. 

    Juliette's soft tummy is visible between her form fitting trousers and her cropped top. The suggestive text she is reading stirs her feelings and she instantly starts to flirt with Bisera. Leaning in she breaths in her scent, kissing first her lips and then her neck, 'I can't keep my hands off you!' Juliette's fingers slip insider her own transparent knickers, her dark pubic hair visible between her legs as she touches herself.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  tasting herself
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    Fri 28th Feb 2014Video masturbation: Suyai | Intimate Moments

    Slowly takes her top off, parts her legs and gently slides a finger between her labia. Her breath gets deeper and her fingers press firmly on her clitoris occasionally licking her juices off her hand. 

    Hips start to contract, squeezing her big breasts, she squints from pleasure as she orgasms.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  dancing naked in the shower together
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    Tue 25th Feb 2014Video masturbation: Gisela & Yale | Intimate Moments

    "I like it when people are looking at me!' Yale's tummy presses into Gisela's back, hugging the curve of her spine. Gisela's round buttocks push back into Yale's pubic bone, Yale's pubic hair ticking Gisela's flesh. Water from the shower makes both bodies shine. 

    Gisela invites Yale to the shower, to help her wash her long hair. 'It makes you feel a bit shy!'. Yale gently lifts the hair from Gisela's naked back, massaging it between her hands. Giggling they shake their bodies, dancing in the shower as Gisela demonstrates her skating skills! The heat from the water starts to influence their conversation and bodies press together. 

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  peeing and masturbating on toilet
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    Fri 21st Feb 2014Video masturbation: Sileny | Intimate Moments

    Sexy short hair blond Sileny rolls her panties down to her ankles sitting on the toilet to pee. Looking at images she finds a toy and parts her warm thighs starting to rub her meaty labia causing her body to shiver from an intense orgasm. Her muscles contract and she can barely get dressed after that but the smile on her face says it was sure worth it.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  sharing intimate secrets
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    Tue 18th Feb 2014Video masturbation: Daisy B & Marleen S (Video) | Intimate Moments

    'I love the wee feeling when it's just creeping through your body, waiting to come!' The freckles on Daisy's tummy dance over her pale skin as her breathing quickens in time with her fingers. 

    'I love having company' Daisy and Marleen sit side by side on matching chairs, asking one another intimate questions. Marleen opens up her long legs, flashing her knickers as she demonstrates her favorite sexual position! In a rush they both rip off their knickers, flinging them across the room as far as they can! Continuing to challenge each other, they push their bodies through increasingly flexible positions, getting steadily more naked each time!

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  public outdoors
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    Fri 14th Feb 2014Video masturbation: Antonella F | Intimate Moments

    listening to the sounds of nature, brunette Antonella F runs her hands on her skin and pulls her light dress off revealing her big breasts. She starts gently massaging her hairy vulva and her body shivers from pleasure as she is having an orgasm outdoors.

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  full bush
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    Tue 11th Feb 2014Video masturbation: Gisela & Renae D | Intimate Moments

    'I'm sweatiest here', Renae lifts up her breast and runs a finger along her sticky skin. Her red hair hangs down her naked body, adding to her heat. 

    Light pours in from the window, illuminating Renae's face as she looks up at Gisela. One strap of Renae's dungarees hangs free, drawing the eye to her tight top, stretched over full breasts. Looking to the people bellow, they remove their sticky clothing and sit in their knickers. Renae's bright red pubes, sticking out the sides of her underwear as her fingers rub into her full bush

  • Video capture of Video Masturbation  hairy pussy
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    Fri 07th Feb 2014Video masturbation: Estefania | Intimate Moments

    Sitting on a wet log in the park Estefania gets her jeans skirt wet but also running her fingers on the inside of her thighs gets her panties wet too. 

    The natural environment and greens are the perfect setting to get her into the mood touching her hairy vulva giving herself an orgasm.

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